Changelog for haskelzinc- - Added support for annotations - Structural changes in the representational system of MiniZinc models - Module Interfaces.MZAST renamed to Interfaces.MZASTBase - Module Interfaces.MZAST used for a more human friendly interface for building representations of MiniZinc models. - Module Interfaces.MZBuiltIns added. Contains haskelzinc represenatation of predefined MiniZinc operators, functions, tests, predicates and annotations. - Module Interfaces.FZSolutionParser provides parsers useful for building custom solutions' parsers, in case a MiniZinc output item alters the default format of the solutions. - Compatibility with GHC 8.0.1 tested (and passed) - Added support for returning specified number of solutions - Interactive interface of iTestModel improved - Skips writing .mzn file - Parses solutions directly, instead of writing into and reading from a file