hasklepias-0.6.0: Define features from events
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type Event a = PairedInterval Context a Source #

An Event a is simply a pair (Interval a, Context).

type Events a = [Event a] Source #

A List of Event a

NOTE (20190911): I (B. Saul) am starting out the Events type as a list of the Event type. This may be not be the optimal approach, especially with regards to lookup/filtering the list. Ideally, we could do one pass through the ordered container (whatever it is) to identify events by concept; rather than repeated evaluations of the lookup predicates. This could be handled by, for example, representing Events has a Map with a list of concept indices. But this gets us off the ground.

type ConceptEvent a = PairedInterval Concepts a Source #

An event containing only concepts and an interval

event :: Interval a -> Context -> Event a Source #

A smart constructor for 'Event a's.

ctxt :: Event a -> Context Source #

Access the Context of an 'Event a'.

toConceptEvent :: (Show a, Ord a) => Event a -> ConceptEvent a Source #

Drops an Event to a ConceptEvent by moving the concepts in the data position in the paired interval and throwing out the facts and source.

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