haste-compiler-0.4: Haskell To ECMAScript compiler

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Haste-specific JSON library. JSON is common enough that it's a good idea to create as fast and small an implementation as possible. To that end, the parser is implemented entirely in Javascript, and works with any browser that supports JSON.parse; IE does this from version 8 and up, and everyone else has done it since just about forever.



data JSON Source


Num Double 
Str JSString 
Bool Bool 
Arr [JSON] 
Dict [(JSString, JSON)] 



This instance may be a bad idea, but it's nice to be able to create JSOn objects using plain numeric literals.

Show JSON 
IsString JSON 
AjaxData JSON 
Serialize JSON 

toObject :: JSON -> JSAnySource

Create a Javascript object from a JSON object. Only makes sense in a browser context, obviously.

(!) :: JSON -> JSString -> JSONSource

Look up a JSON object from a JSON dictionary. Panics if the dictionary isn't a dictionary, or if it doesn't contain the given key.

(~>) :: JSONLookup a => a -> JSString -> Maybe JSONSource

Look up a key in a JSON dictionary. Return Nothing if the key can't be found for some reason.