hblas: BLAS and Lapack bindings for OpenBLAS

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User friendly, simple bindings to BLAS and Lapack, favoring OpenBLAS as the substrate.

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Dependenciesbase (>=4.5 && <4.8), primitive (==0.5.*), storable-complex (>=0.2.0 && <0.3.0), vector [details]
AuthorCarter Tazio Schonwald
Maintainercarter at wellposed dot com
Source repositoryhead: git clone git://github.com/wellposed/hOpenBLAS.git
UploadedFri Feb 28 19:34:30 UTC 2014 by CarterSchonwald




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About hblas

hblas is an open source component of the Wellposed® mathematical software suite.

Members of the numerical haskell open source community can be found on irc at #numerical-haskell on freenode, and via the numericalhaskell mailing list.

Build Status

hblas is a self contained full (well, not quite yet) BLAS and LAPACK binding that provides the full BLAS and LAPACKE APIs in a simple, unopinionated, Haskell wrapper.

This library is NOT meant to be used by end users, it is designed to be an unopinionated, simple, portable, easy to install BLAS/LAPACK substrate for higher level numerical computing libraries to build upon. Morever, this library is strictly a wrapper, and simply makes using the functionality of BLAS and LAPACK more accessible.

This library is NOT meant to be used a standalone array library (except in desperation), but rather should be used by a higher level numerical array library to provide high performance linear algebra routines.

how to install

sudo apt-get install libblas liblapack

is all you should have to do before hand

getting involved

patches, bug reports, tests, and other contributions welcome.