Changelog for hcwiid-0.0.5

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2014-05-20 Ivan Perez

    * API: adds infrared tracking support
    * Tests: adapts test to report IR data

2014-05-17 Ivan Perez

    * API: adds accelerometer sensing.
    * API: uses newtype for leds instead of the low-level CUChar
    * Tests: adapts tests to use new rpt_mode and
      set_led interface.
    * Documentation: adds (some) haddock documentation.

2014-05-05 Ivan Perez

    * API: removes hard-coded params to SetLed and SetRptMode

2014-05-01 Ivan Perez

    * hcwiid.cabal: Version bump (0.0.3)
    * API: adds test function to determine if a button is pushed (down).

2014-05-01 Ivan Perez

    * hcwiid.cabal: Version bump. Adds new maitainer, repo, extra files.
    * API: adds set_rumble.