herms: A command-line manager for delicious kitchen recipes

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HeRM's: a Haskell-based Recipe Manager for delicious kitchen recipes

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Dependenciesansi-terminal (>=0.7.0 && <=0.8.1), base (>=4.8 && <5), brick (>=0.19 && <=0.34.1), directory (>=0.0), microlens (==0.4.*), microlens-th (==0.4.*), optparse-applicative (==0.14.*), semigroups (>=0.18.3 && <=0.18.4), split (==0.2.*), vty (>=5.15 && <=5.20) [details]
AuthorJack Kiefer
CategoryCulinary, CLI, Command Line Tool
Home pagehttps://github.com/JackKiefer/herms
Source repositoryhead: git clone https://github.com/JackKiefer/herms
UploadedMon Mar 12 02:35:12 UTC 2018 by JackKiefer


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Travis build

HeRM's: a Haskell-based Recipe Manager (yes, food recipes) for the command line.

Herm&#39;s Interface



PATH setup

Firstly, make sure that the following is added to your PATH:


Download and install

You have options!

Via Hackage and Cabal:

cabal update
cabal install herms

Manually cloning and installing from source with stack (recommended):

git clone https://github.com/JackKiefer/herms
cd herms
stack update
stack install

You can also manually compile with cabal, but your milage may vary with dependency resolution:

git clone https://github.com/JackKiefer/herms
cd herms
cabal update
cabal install -j



        herms list [-g|--group] [--tags TAGS]           list recipes
                   [--name-only ]
        herms add                                       add a new recipe (interactively)

        herms edit RECIPE_NAME                          edit a recipe

        herms import FILE_NAME                          import a recipe file

        herms remove RECIPE_NAMES                       remove the particular recipes

        herms view RECIPE_NAMES [-s|--serving INT]      view the particular recipes
                                [-c|--convert CONV_UNIT] 

        herms shopping RECIPE_NAMES [-s|--serving INT] generate shopping list for particular recipes

Available options:

        -h|--help                                      Show this help text

        RECIPE_NAME                                    index or Recipe name

        --sort SORT_ORDER                              'tags' to sort by tags

        -s|--serving INT                               specify serving size when viewing.
                                                       E.g., 'herms view -s 2 {recipe}' for two servings

        -t|--step                                      View recipe in "one-step-at-a-time" mode
                                                       (press enter between each direction)

        -g|--group                                     group recipes by tags

        --tags TAGS                                    show recipes with particular flags

        --name-only                                    only list recipes by name

        -c|--convert CONV_UNIT                         view the recipe converted to imperial or metric
                                                       E.g., 'herms view 2 -c imperial'

In honor of Logan, Utah's greatest Breakfast & Brunch.

Herm&#39;s Inn