hgal- library for computation automorphism group and canonical labelling of a graph

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type Cell = [Vertex]Source

A cell is represented by its list of vertices, with the invariant that the list is sorted

type Partition = [Cell]Source

A partition is its list of cells

refine :: Graph -> Partition -> Partition -> PartitionSource

Refines a Partition wrt to another Partition, given a graph. (explained on pages 50-52) This is equivalent to partition the graph's DFA in equivalent states. refine gr p q refines p wrt. q in gr.

unitPartition :: (Vertex, Vertex) -> PartitionSource

The unit partition of a range.

isDiscrete :: Partition -> BoolSource

Is the partition discrete ?

lambda :: Graph -> Partition -> IndicatorSource

An indicator function. lambda must be insensitive to automorphisms relabeling of the graph for the Automorphism module to work.

fixedInOrbits :: Partition -> [Vertex]Source

Returns vertices fixes in the given orbits