hgeometry- Geometric Algorithms, Data structures, and Data types.

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writeIpeFile :: IpeWriteText r => FilePath -> IpeFile r -> IO () Source

Given a prism to convert something of type g into an ipe file, a file path, and a g. Convert the geometry and write it to file.

Write an IpeFiele to file.

writeIpePage :: IpeWriteText r => FilePath -> IpePage r -> IO () Source

Creates a single page ipe file with the given page

printAsIpeSelection :: IpeWrite t => t -> IO () Source

Convert the input to ipeXml, and prints it to standard out in such a way that the copied text can be pasted into ipe as a geometry object.

toIpeSelectionXML :: IpeWrite t => t -> Maybe ByteString Source

Convert input into an ipe selection.

toIpeXML :: IpeWrite t => t -> Maybe ByteString Source

Convert to Ipe xml

writeIpeFile' :: IpeWrite t => t -> FilePath -> IO () Source

Convert to ipe XML and write the output to a file.

ipeWriteAttrs :: (AllSatisfy IpeAttrName rs, RecAll (Attr f) rs IpeWriteText) => Attributes f rs -> [(Text, Text)] Source

Functon to write all attributes in a Rec

writeAttrValues :: RecAll f rs IpeWriteText => Rec f rs -> Rec (Const (Maybe Text)) rs Source

Writing the attribute values

addAtts :: Node Text Text -> [(Text, Text)] -> Node Text Text Source

Add attributes to a node

mAddAtts :: Maybe (Node Text Text) -> [(Text, Text)] -> Maybe (Node Text Text) Source

Same as addAtts but then for a Maybe node