Changelog for hint-

- ver * Supports GHC 7 - ver * Instance declaration for Applicative (InterpreterT m) works with mtl-2 (requires Applicative m, this shouldn't break anything...) - ver * add unsafeRunInterpreterWithArgs * check that only one instance of the interpreter is run at any time - ver * Can be built against MonadCatchIO-mtl-0.3.x.x - ver * Fixed a bug that would make expressions using heavy use of the layout rule to fail to be interpreted (see parens) - ver * hint.cabal includes version bounds for package ghc-mtl. This is to avoid the accidental selection of the completely unrelated ghc-mtl internal to ghc and, apparently, installed in the hackage server - ver * Exports functions parens and isInterpretedModule * Experimental support for module annotations * Uses extensible-exceptions in order to provide a uniform interface accross different ghc versions * Provides an Applicative instance for IntepreterT * Adds an option to configurate the searchPath - ver * No longer uses Language.Haskell.Extension due to configuration problems with Cabal. Instead, it uses its own Language.Haskell.Interpreter.Extension module. - ver * Updated API: + InterpreterT monad transformer (Interpreter = InterpreterT IO) + No more Sessions, use runInterpreter only once + New options handling functions - but observe that there is no setOptimizations equivalent; since GHC does no optimization on interpreted code, this was actually doing nothing * Works with GHC 6.10 and 6.8 (untested with 6.6) - ver 0.2.5 * setImportsQ added (modules can be imported both qualified and unqualified) - ver * BUGFIX: No longer fails on expressions ending in a -- comment - ver 0.2.4 * setInstalledModsAreInScopeQualified added * Now depends on ghc-paths (no longer needs a custom cabal script) - ver 0.2.2 * setOptimizations added * Module Language.Haskell.Interpreter.GHC.Unsafe added (contains unsafeSetGhcOption) * unit tests now based on HUnit - ver 0.2.1 * BUGFIX: Module reloading was broken under 6.8 * GHC.GhcExceptions are catched and turned into InterpreterErrors - ver * Adds the requirement cabal-version < 1.3 - ver 0.2 * Works also with GHC 6.8 and 6.6 * Added the getModuleExports function * withSession function throws a dynamic exception instead of returning Either Error a * Requires Cabal 1.2.x