hit-0.5.5: Git operations in haskell

MaintainerNicolas DI PRIMA <nicolas@di-prima.fr>
Safe HaskellNone




Basic Git diff methods.


Basic features

data BlobContent Source

represents a blob's content (i.e., the content of a file at a given reference).


FileContent [ByteString]

Text file's lines

BinaryContent ByteString

Binary content


data BlobState Source

This is a blob description at a given state (revision)


Eq BlobState

Two BlobState are equal if they have the same filename, i.e.,

 ((BlobState x _ _ _) == (BlobState y _ _ _)) = (x == y)
Show BlobState 

data BlobStateDiff Source

Represents a file state between two revisions A file (a blob) can be present in the first Tree's revision but not in the second one, then it has been deleted. If only in the second Tree's revision, then it has been created. If it is in the both, maybe it has been changed.



:: (BlobStateDiff -> a -> a)

diff helper (State -> accumulator -> accumulator)

-> a


-> Ref

commit reference (the original state)

-> Ref

commit reference (the new state)

-> Git


-> IO a 

generate a diff list between two revisions with a given diff helper.

Useful to extract any kind of information from two different revisions. For example you can get the number of deleted files:

 getdiffwith f 0 head^ head git
     where f (OnlyOld _) acc = acc+1
           f _           acc = acc

Or save the list of new files:

 getdiffwith f [] head^ head git
     where f (OnlyNew bs) acc = (bsFilename bs):acc
           f _            acc = acc

Default helpers

data HitDiff Source

This is a proposed diff records for a given file. It contains useful information: * the filename (with its path in the root project) * a file diff (with the Data.Algorythm.Patience method) * the file's mode (i.e. the file priviledge) * the file's ref



:: Int

Number of line for context

-> BlobStateDiff 
-> [HitDiff]


-> [HitDiff]

Accumulator with a new content

A default diff helper. It is an example about how you can write your own diff helper or you can use it if you want to get all of differences.

getDiff :: Ref -> Ref -> Git -> IO [HitDiff]Source

A default Diff getter which returns all diff information (Mode, Content and Binary) with a context of 5 lines.

 getDiff = getDiffWith (defaultDiff 5) []