hit-0.5.5: Git operations in haskell

MaintainerVincent Hanquez <vincent@snarc.org>
Safe HaskellNone







Enumerators of packs

packEnumerate :: FilePath -> IO [Ref]Source

Enumerate the pack refs available in this repository.

Helpers to process packs

packOpen :: FilePath -> Ref -> IO FileReaderSource

open a pack

packClose :: FileReader -> IO ()Source

close a pack

Command for the content of a pack

packReadHeader :: FilePath -> Ref -> IO Word32Source

return the number of entries in this pack

packReadMapAtOffset :: FileReader -> Word64 -> (ByteString -> ByteString) -> IO (Maybe Object)Source

read an object at a specific position using a map function on the objectData

packReadAtOffset :: FileReader -> Word64 -> IO (Maybe Object)Source

read an object at a specific position

packReadRawAtOffset :: FileReader -> Word64 -> IO PackedObjectRawSource

read a raw representation at a specific position

packEnumerateObjects :: FilePath -> Ref -> Int -> (PackedObjectRaw -> IO a) -> IO ()Source

enumerate all objects in this pack and callback to f for reach raw objects

turn a packed object into a