hit-0.6.0: Git operations in haskell

MaintainerVincent Hanquez <vincent@snarc.org>
Safe HaskellNone







data PackIndexHeader Source

represent an packIndex header with the version and the fanout table

handles and enumeration

packIndexOpen :: FilePath -> Ref -> IO FileReaderSource

open an index

packIndexClose :: FileReader -> IO ()Source

close an index

withPackIndex :: FilePath -> Ref -> (FileReader -> IO a) -> IO aSource

variant of withFile on the index file and with a FileReader

packIndexEnumerate :: FilePath -> IO [Ref]Source

enumerate every indexes file in the pack directory

read from packIndex

packIndexHeaderGetNbWithPrefix :: PackIndexHeader -> Int -> Word32Source

get the number of reference in this index with a specific prefix

packIndexGetReferenceLocation :: PackIndexHeader -> FileReader -> Ref -> IO (Maybe Word64)Source

return the reference offset in the packfile if found

packIndexGetReferencesWithPrefix :: PackIndexHeader -> FileReader -> String -> IO [Ref]Source

get all references that start by prefix.

packIndexReadHeader :: FileReader -> IO PackIndexHeaderSource

read index header from an index filereader

packIndexGetHeader :: FilePath -> Ref -> IO PackIndexHeaderSource

get index header from an index reference