hkgrelease: Simple Hackage release workflow for package maintainers

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A tool to help Hackage maintainers make new releases of their packages, with commands for git tagging, pristine sdist, and uploading to Hackage.

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Copyright2019 Jens Petersen
AuthorJens Petersen
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For package maintainers and hackage trustees

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Hackage GPL-3 license Build status

Publish your package releases on Hackage using hkgrelease:


$ hkgrelease
Hackage maintainer release workflow

Usage: hkgrelease [--version] COMMAND
  Helps Hackage package maintainers with releasing packages

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --version                Show version

Available commands:
  tag                      'git tag' version
  dist                     Make tarball from latest tag ('cabal sdist')
  version                  Show the package version from .cabal file
  upload                   'cabal upload' tarball to Hackage
  push-tags                'git push --tags' to origin
  publish                  Publish to Hackage ('cabal upload --publish')
  upload-haddock           Upload documentation to Hackage
  publish-haddock          Upload documentation to Hackage


$ git commit -m "new release"
$ hkgrelease tag
$ hkgrelease dist
$ hkgrelease upload
$ git push
$ hkgrelease push-tags
$ hkgrelease publish
$ hkgrelease upload-haddock
$ hkgrelease publish-haddock