hledger-lib-0.23: Core data types, parsers and utilities for the hledger accounting tool.

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Multi-column balance reports, used by the balance command.



newtype MultiBalanceReport Source

A multi balance report is a balance report with one or more columns. It has:

  1. a list of each column's date span
  2. a list of rows, each containing a renderable account name and the amounts to show in each column
  3. a list of each column's final total

The meaning of the amounts depends on the type of multi balance report, of which there are three: periodic, cumulative and historical (see BalanceType and Hledger.Cli.Balance).

type MultiBalanceReportRow = (RenderableAccountName, [MixedAmount])Source

A row in a multi balance report has

  • An account name, with rendering hints
  • A list of amounts to be shown in each of the report's columns.

multiBalanceReport :: ReportOpts -> Query -> Journal -> MultiBalanceReportSource

Generate a multicolumn balance report for the matched accounts, showing the change of balance, accumulated balance, or historical balance in each of the specified periods.