hledger-lib-0.23: Core data types, parsers and utilities for the hledger accounting tool.

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Postings report, used by the register command.



type PostingsReport = (String, [PostingsReportItem])Source

A postings report is a list of postings with a running total, a label for the total field, and a little extra transaction info to help with rendering. This is used eg for the register command.

postingsReport :: ReportOpts -> Query -> Journal -> PostingsReportSource

Select postings from the journal and add running balance and other information to make a postings report. Used by eg hledger's register command.

mkpostingsReportItem :: Bool -> Bool -> WhichDate -> Posting -> MixedAmount -> PostingsReportItemSource

Generate one postings report line item, containing the posting, the current running balance, and optionally the posting date and/or the transaction description.