hledger-lib-1.5.1: Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools

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Balance report, used by the balance command.



type BalanceReport = ([BalanceReportItem], MixedAmount) Source #

A simple single-column balance report. It has:

  1. a list of items, one per account, each containing:
  • the full account name
  • the Ledger-style elided short account name (the leaf account name, prefixed by any boring parents immediately above); or with --flat, the full account name again
  • the number of indentation steps for rendering a Ledger-style account tree, taking into account elided boring parents, --no-elide and --flat
  • an amount
  1. the total of all amounts

balanceReport :: ReportOpts -> Query -> Journal -> BalanceReport Source #

Enabling this makes balance --flat --empty also show parent accounts without postings, in addition to those with postings and a zero balance. Disabling it shows only the latter. No longer supported, but leave this here for a bit. flatShowsPostinglessAccounts = True

Generate a simple balance report, containing the matched accounts and their balances (change of balance) during the specified period. This is like PeriodChangeReport with a single column (but more mature, eg this can do hierarchical display).

flatShowsExclusiveBalance :: Bool Source #

When true (the default), this makes balance --flat reports and their implementation clearer. Single/multi-col balance reports currently aren't all correct if this is false.