hlint-1.9.4: Source code suggestions

Safe HaskellNone



This module provides a library interface to HLint. The current interface is strongly modelled on the command line interface, and is expected to evolve.



hlint :: [String] -> IO [Suggestion]Source

This function takes a list of command line arguments, and returns the given suggestions. To see a list of arguments type hlint --help at the console. This function writes to the stdout/stderr streams, unless --quiet is specified.

As an example:

 do hints <- hlint ["src", "--ignore=Use map","--quiet"]
    when (length hints > 3) $ error "Too many hints!"

data Suggestion Source

A suggestion - the Show instance is of particular use.

suggestionLocation :: Suggestion -> SrcLocSource

From a suggestion, extract the file location it refers to.

suggestionSeverity :: Suggestion -> SeveritySource

From a suggestion, determine how severe it is.

data Severity Source

How severe an issue is.



The issue has been explicitly ignored and will usually be hidden (pass --show on the command line to see ignored ideas).


Warnings are things that some people may consider improvements, but some may not.


Errors are suggestions that are nearly always a good idea to apply.