Changelog for hlint-2.2.11

Changelog for HLint (* = breaking change) 2.2.11, released 2020-02-09 #868, fix some brackets in refactoring suggestions #865, suggest biList if generalise-for-conciseness is turned on #859, suggest regular if instead of a simple multi-way if #860, improve the sortBy/sortOn hints #862, only suggest TupleSections for 2-tuples once #854, add more generalise-for-conciseness hints for Either/Maybe #852, change maybe to fromMaybe, when the function is duplicated #851, add a rule for maybe Nothing Just 2.2.10, released 2020-02-02 #846, add splitAt warnings #774, don't warn about 'Redundant compare' in == and /= 2.2.9, released 2020-01-27 Add any/map and all/map fusion hints #837, don't warn about redundant do for BlockArguments #842, fix parsing of <% operators in hlint.yaml files #839, match hints inside instances #833, UnboxedTuples can be necessary from newtype deriving #817, add the ability to blacklist identifiers from a module #834, move not out of any and all 2.2.8, released 2020-01-22 #802, suggest lambda instead of lambda-case for single alts #811, add some foldMap/map hints #822, generalise the map/zipWith hint #824, embed HLint data files using TemplateHaskell #826, remove curry/uncurry on lambdas #820, make some hints work in more situations Reenable PackageImport unused extension detectection #821, warn on unless/not #821, avoid curry/uncurry and vice versa #819, fix a lot of bifunctor hints #812, add some rules for generalised and/or/any/all 2.2.7, released 2020-01-11 #818, fix incorrect unused LANGUAGE BangPatterns hint 2.2.6, released 2020-01-09 #813, remove any/all with const predicates Allow haskell-src-exts-1.23 #814, suggest find instead of listToMaybe/filter Allow ghc-lib-parser-8.8.* 2.2.5, released 2019-12-06 #803, allow newer ghc-lib-8.8.1 #792, note that reverse/sort changes sort stability #793, don't incorrectly suggest foldr 2.2.4, released 2019-11-02 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.22 #788, give less redundant context on unused variable capture #334, add --ignore=glob flag 2.2.3, released 2019-09-29 #766, turn on more extensions when parsing config files #255, don't match variables with type application Switch to ghc-parser-8.8.1 Slightly restrict the replace case with fromMaybe hint #701, add hints for replacing case with maybe #724, suggest Data.Bifunctor in some places #725, allow custom message for restricted items 2.2.2, released 2019-07-23 #716, upgrade to ghc-lib-parser 2.2.1, released 2019-07-22 #713, make sure -XNoPatternSynonyms works (fix regression) #700, add some Monoid and Alternative hints Add createModuleEx to the API #698, don't suggest a replacement for DerivingStrategies 2.2, released 2019-06-26 * Remove functions and make some things abstract in HLint3 API 2.1.26, released 2019-06-26 Make sure unknown extensions don't cause errors 2.1.25, released 2019-06-26 #681, fix for extensions on the command line not being used #686, suggest head (drop n x) ==> x !! max 0 n #683, add Use DerivingStrategies hint, ignored by default #685, skip running refactoring tool if there are no hints #675, warn about redundant fmaps on Eithers and Maybes Add back two $ hints removed in error 2.1.24, released 2019-06-10 Add Language.Haskell.HLint4 #658, ignore the previously undocumented {- LINT -} comments #658, force parsing of all pragmas and comments eagerly #665, make different fromMaybe hints have different names #664, better name for the Use uncurry hint #659, make hints with brackets at the root work 2.1.23, released 2019-06-09 Make it an error if your code does not parse with GHC #662, don't warn on ($x), since it might not really be TH #660, suggest tuple sections for \y -> (x,y) and similar #667, warn on return x >> m and similar #653, add symmetric versions of some == hints #650, add a group of teaching hints #651, warn on unused NamedFieldPuns #646, switch to an HTML doctype 2.1.22, released 2019-05-25 #634, suggest modifyIORef ==> writeIORef when applicable #642, suggest null in more places #640, reenable GHC parsing 2.1.21, released 2019-05-19 #637, temporary workaround for GHC parser segfaults 2.1.20, released 2019-05-15 * Fix a dumb break in the API on parseModuleEx 2.1.19, released 2019-05-14 * Revert PVP breakage 2.1.18, released 2019-05-13 * Change parseModuleEx/ParseError by accident #633, don't suggest changes inside RULES #631, suggest typeOf ==> typeRep Add matching on type variables #627, restrict to GHC 8.4 and above 2.1.17, released 2019-04-17 #626, add operator wildcards with ?, ??, ??? etc #625, fix an rnf/rhs typo #562, make test --verbose show a list of matched hints 2.1.16, released 2019-04-15 Make `seq` and `rem` hints apply to prefix functions #604, suggest rnf x `seq` () ==> rnf x #619, require haskell-src-exts-util-0.2.5 #619, fix move guards forward with record puns #618, add pure x <*> y ==> x <$> y #611, add == and subst for more advanced match conditions #612, add: Suggest f =<< instead of maybe Nothing f #609, add code smells #614, adds refactorings for camelCase and some list suggestions #605, make command line arguments override the .yaml file #603, QuasiQuotes can programatically use any extension 2.1.15, released 2019-02-27 #593, reorder guards in list comps where possible #597, suggest pushing a map over a list comp inside Say redundant pure, when the thing you are removing is pure #554, add more verbosity Don't test with GHC 7.4 to 7.8 #590, say which extensions should be deleted #591, be careful about encoding on stdin 2.1.14, released 2019-01-28 #587, fix extensions implied by ImplicitParams #588, suggest optional from attoparsec 2.1.13, released 2019-01-23 #583, suggest left sections to avoid lambdas #580, remove redundant LANGUAGE pragmas which are implied by others #575, add fixities for lattice #564, fix hint around withFile with AppendMode 2.1.12, released 2018-12-10 Require haskell-src-exts-1.21 2.1.11, released 2018-12-02 #553, define __HLINT__=1 for the C preprocessor #546, suggest `x $> y` for `const x <$> y`, `pure x <$> y`, and `return x <$> y` #546, suggest `x <$ y` for `x <&> const y`, `x <&> pure y`, and `x <&> return y` #556, disable a few incorrect lens hints #545, don't suggest turning type applications into sections #466, avoid false positives for Esqueleto #535, more lens hints Allow {-# HLINT #-} and {- HLINT -} pragmas #532, generate requested report files even if there are no hints #524, don't suggest newtype for existentials #521, add a hint for f x@_ = ... ==> f x = ... 2.1.10, released 2018-08-16 #516, don't require a .hlint.yaml when running tests Prefer .hlint.yaml to HLint.hs for settings #513, add section links in the HTML report 2.1.9, released 2018-08-08 Add QuickCheck fixities Warn on redundant EmptyCase extension 2.1.8, released 2018-07-06 #509, remove incorrect suggestions around sequence/pure 2.1.7, released 2018-07-03 #483, don't break quasi quotes when suggesting const #404, remove the "Unnecessary hiding" hint introduced in #338 #162, make avoiding lambda with `infix` give a different name #507, rename id x ==> x to redundant id #286, improve the duplicate pragma message #399, suggest (& f) ==> f #136, don't suggest eta-reducing runST #345, add catMaybes/fmap ==> mapMaybe #345, add foldMap id ==> fold #364, suggest >> instead of >>= \_ -> #502, DeriveTraversable implies DeriveFoldable and DeriveFunctor Add hints about fusing traverse/map Better names for mapM/map fusion hints and others #498, change the output to say "Perhaps:" rather than "Why not:" 2.1.6, released 2018-06-16 Match on explicit brackets at the root of a match expression #470, suggest TupleSections #496, suggest sequence/fmap ==> mapM #473, warn on redundant void, _ <- and return () Make use of <$> more general, but in simpler cases Warn about returns in the middle of do blocks #471, suggest readTVarIO #468, suggest using sortOn/Down #458, document the restriction feature #494, don't suggest newtype for unboxed tuples #488, avoid warning about more test prefixes 2.1.5, released 2018-05-05 #478, take account of deriving strategies for extension use #477, don't warn about unit_ as tasty-discover recommends it 2.1.4, released 2018-05-01 Don't warn about redundant $ for a $ b{c=d} 2.1.3, released 2018-04-18 Improve the performance of the camelCase hint Don't suggest camelCase for record fields Add a --timing flag to detect what is slow 2.1.2, released 2018-04-16 #407, don't error on unknown extensions on the command line Require extra-1.6.6 #464, add more hints for concatMap #462, ignore home directory when it isn't present 2.1.1, released 2018-03-24 #457, suggest turning on LambdaCase if necessary #457, add RequiresExtension note #454, add fixities for the HSpec `should*` functions #455, add some more sequence hints #453, allow pure in a few Monad hints as well as return #451, add --with-group command line option #424, suggest Foldable.forM_ in a few more places #445, add suggestions for reader/state monad #443, suggest join (x <$> y) ==> x =<< y 2.1, released 2018-02-07 * #433, make ideas span multiple modules/declarations #433, allow ignoring statement-level duplication hint #439, add more fixities for new base operators #437, --json output should be finite #425, avoid misparsing use of Gtk2Hs `on` function #353, detect unused results from for/traverse/sequenceA #428, add a few rules for the lens package #429, spot restricted functions in infix operators #427, don't eta reduce variables in the presence of quasi-quotes Improve the HTML slightly #416, add lens package fixities 2.0.15, released 2018-01-18 #426, don't suggest removing brackets for "x . (x +? x . x)" #426, better results with haskell-src-exts-util-0.2.2 2.0.14, released 2018-01-14 #376, apply the "use fmap" hint in fewer places #421, binaries available for OS X 2.0.13, released 2018-01-12 #376, suggest <$> instead of x <- foo; return $ f x #401, suggest removing brackets for (f . g) <$> x Add Semigroup instances 2.0.12, released 2017-12-12 Don't suggest Control.Arrow Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.20 2.0.11, released 2017-11-30 #411, parse the YAML file with lots of HSE extensions turned on #408, use the same config file logic in argsSettings as in hlint Don't use unexported type synonyms in the public API #405, fix false positives on MagicHash due to unboxed literals 2.0.10, released 2017-11-03 #377, suggest lambda case Add CodeClimate support #378, suggest map for degenerate foldr #395, suggest x $> y from x *> pure y and x *> return y #395, suggest x <$ y from pure x <* y and return x <* y #393, suggest f <$> m from m >>= pure . f and pure . f =<< #366, avoid the github API for prebuilt hlint, is rate limited #352, suggest maybe for fromMaybe d (f <$> x) #338, warn about things imported hidden but not used #337, add --git flag to additionally check files in git #353, suggest _ <- mapM to mapM_ #357, warn on unnecessary use of MagicHash 2.0.9, released 2017-06-13 #346, don't suggest explicit export lists #344, fix the API so it works with hlint.yaml by default 2.0.8, released 2017-05-21 #342, add back support for - to mean stdin 2.0.7, released 2017-05-16 #340, fix for directory arguments in the .hlint.yaml 2.0.6, released 2017-05-08 Do statements are not redundant if they change an operator parse #333, simplify labels on Parse error, makes it easier to ignore 2.0.5, released 2017-04-19 If the datadir is missing use data/ relative to the executable Fix test mode to obey --datadir 2.0.4, released 2017-04-17 --default adds ignores for any warnings it finds 2.0.3, released 2017-04-12 #312, suggest removing the DeriveAnyClass extension Suggest removing the DeriveLift extension Remove redundant parts from list comprehensions, e.g. [a | True] #326, fix up the bounds on the eta-reduce hint 2.0.2, released 2017-04-10 #323, try and avoid malformatted JSON #324, use `backticks` in notes #324, remove double escaping in note for --json #322, fix the YAML syntax in default.yaml 2.0.1, released 2017-04-07 #320, still read ./HLint.hs if it exists 2.0, released 2017-04-06 #319, add a hint \x -> f <$> g x ==> fmap f . g Don't say how many hints were ignored Add a --default flag #314, allow arguments in YAML configuration files Add maybe False (== x) ==> (== Just x) hint, plus for /= Remove the ability to pass the file on stdin using - as the file Remove encoding from ParseFlags Remove the --encoding/--utf8 options, always use UTF8 #311, suggest writeFile instead of withFile/hPutStr #288, add configurable restrictions Suggest using an export list on modules Look for nearby .hlint.yaml files to supply configuration Support YAML configuration files #308, don't suggest newtype for unboxed types Remove the import "hint" feature for hint inclusion Builtin hints do not need to be imported, can only be ignored Delete HLint2 API #290, add hints suggesting traverse/traverse_ #303, detect unused OverloadedStrings extension #302, detect unused TupleSections extension 1.9.41, released 2017-02-09 #299, warn in some cases when NumDecimals extension is unused #300, warn when LambdaCase extension is unused #301, when suggesting newtype remove strictness annotations #297, better testing that there isn't a performance regression #167, add -j flag for number of threads #292, add fst/snd . unzip ==> map fst/snd Don't suggest module export trick, breaks Haddock 1.9.40, released 2017-01-22 #293, fix the JSON format of the output 1.9.39, released 2016-12-04 #287, don't incorrectly suggest newtype 1.9.38, released 2016-11-24 #279, suggest newtype instead of data #262, add rules to detect redundant castPtr calls Detect unused TypeApplications extension #277, don't enable TypeApplications extension by default Allow haskell-src-exts-1.19 #276, remove multiple redundant parens in one go #160, add a --only CLI option #237, fix incorrect quasi quotes extension warning #257, better bang pattern hints 1.9.37, released 2016-08-08 #255, don't suggest id @Int ==> @Int #252, avoid clashes with GHCJS in the interim 1.9.36, released 2016-07-25 Require haskell-src-exts-1.18 #249, suggest avoiding elem on singletons 1.9.35, released 2016-06-10 #245, fix parse error reports #243, update hlint.ghci to work with modern GHC Require extra-1.4.9 1.9.34, released 2016-06-01 #154, fix some incorrect line numbers in literate Haskell #161, fix literate Haskell and CPP 1.9.33, released 2016-05-30 #240, remove type-incorrect "on" hint #234, warn about join seq #232, suggest <|> instead of mplus in a few cases 1.9.32, released 2016-03-23 #53, require cpphs-1.20.1, has important fixes #224, treat select $ specially, as per esqueleto conventions #231, don't modify qualification on substitutions #229, add void/mapM_/forM_ hints 1.9.31, released 2016-03-01 #222, don't suggest removing ~ if the Strict extension is on 1.9.30, released 2016-02-26 #220, fix incorrect hints of foldr/foldl on a tuple accumulator 1.9.29, released 2016-02-25 #219, add warnings about foldable methods on tuple Put warnings before suggestions in the HTML report 1.9.28, released 2016-02-04 #215, spot newtype deriving inside classes 1.9.27, released 2016-02-01 #203, avoid recompiling everything twice #213, don't suggest removing bang patterns on let Rename HintStructure to HintPattern #208, add an hlint function to the HLint3 API #1, warn about unused DefaultSignatures extension #137, add -XHaskell2010 and fix -XHaskell98 Allow checking even if a function has different arities #193, don't warn on a -> (b -> c), it's sometimes sensible #182, make parse errors severity Error #181, warn on otherwise in a pattern variable #163, eta reduce fun x = f $ x #132, don't ever suggest liftM #99, downgrade built in hints, Error => Warning => Suggestion #99, add a Suggestion level severity #207, make sure you close file handles #205, add hint compare x y == EQ and /= #204, add hint concatMap id ==> concat #202, include refactorings is --json output 1.9.26, released 2016-01-02 #200, fix all lint warnings #143, expose argsSettings 1.9.25, released 2015-11-24 #192, fix stdin output and --refactor 1.9.24, released 2015-11-22 #188, improve spotting redundant brackets around patterns #138, reenable redundant where hint 1.9.23, released 2015-11-19 #184, require haskell-src-exts-1.17 #183, allow test_ as a prefix 1.9.22, released 2015-10-28 Don't suggest redundant lambda on view patterns Add --no-exit-code flag #174, don't suggest string literals #175, disable 'rec' stealing extensions by default #170, add hints for eta-reduced operators #149, integrate a --refactor flag #147, fix the -fglasgow-exts hint #140, better name for moving brackets to eliminate $ Extra hints for <$> Remove a redundant fmap hint #131, add =<< rules in addition to >>= 1.9.21, released 2015-05-26 #130, ignore a BOM if it exists #128, don't find files starting with . when searching directories Suggest concat even if the [] is written "" 1.9.20, released 2015-04-21 #122, fix the zipWith/repeat hint 1.9.19, released 2015-03-26 #119, don't remove RecursiveDo if they use the rec statement Add a suggestion concatMap/map ==> concatMap 1.9.18, released 2015-03-17 More GHC 7.10 warnings and build support 1.9.17, released 2015-02-25 #116, support hscolour-1.21 1.9.16, released 2015-01-09 #108, make "hlint ." work again 1.9.15, released 2015-01-03 #106, avoid warnings with GHC 7.10 #105, build with GHC 7.10 1.9.14, released 2014-12-24 #649, don't suggest const for values using RecordWildCards 1.9.13, released 2014-11-30 #97, remove the encoding bits of the API #98, add an HLint3 prototype API #93, make the --quickcheck tests work on GHC 7.8 Add --tempdir flag to the test mode 1.9.12, released 2014-11-09 #96, fix the --utf8 flag Make Encoding an alias for TextEncoding Default to UTF8 encoding 1.9.11, released 2014-11-07 #95, don't suggest camel case for names containing digits Add a dependency on the extra package #92, use a new way for determining the color default Add a dependency on ansi-terminal 1.9.10, released 2014-10-19 Spot unsafePerformIO without NOINLINE 1.9.9, released 2014-10-13 #89, fix compiling the executable with --flag=-gpl 1.9.8, released 2014-10-08 #82, don't crash on XmlHybrid modules #88, allow avoiding HsColour, as it is GPL licensed #87, don't push if down, since it can be type incorrect 1.9.7, released 2014-10-02 #86, don't use color unless $TERM claims to support it 1.9.6, released 2014-09-30 #85, fix the free variable matching check for lambda #84, suggest fmap for Either Make --json put each hint on a different line Support -X for extensions to the hse mode 1.9.5, released 2014-09-14 Remove support for GHC 7.2 Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.16 1.9.4, released 2014-08-27 #81, fixes for GHC 7.9 #78, add hints for list patterns #72, make --color the default on Linux 1.9.3, released 2014-07-28 #73, fix multithreading and exceptions 1.9.2, released 2014-07-23 #68, add --no-summary 1.9.1, released 2014-07-21 #65, add flip (>>=) ==> (=<<) and the reverse #61, add --json flag 1.9, released 2014-06-30 Remove not (isControl x) ==> isPrint (not true for '\173') #57, warn on invalid pragmas Make the API pass and require comments #59, make sure qualified operators match properly Rename notTypeSafe annotation to noTypeCheck Remove an invalid rule suggesting tanh #13, add a --quickcheck flag to test the hints Add --typecheck flag to test mode to type check the hints Remove incorrect for intercalate to unlines #37, remove incorrect hint for isAlphaNum #45, add mapMaybe id ==> catMaybes #42, add some repeat hints 1.8.61, released 2014-04-14 #40, allow haskell-src-exts-1.15 Don't detect redundant Generics extension 1.8.60, released 2014-04-02 #33, add --cpp-file to preinclude a file #34, add back --quiet flag #639, don't suggest evaluate, because not all Monad's are IO #31, delete the elem/notElem hints #30, remove weird "free module" matching #15, add prototype grep mode Change to make test a separate mode #12, more list based suggestions #637, turn off QuasiQuotes by default 1.8.59, released 2014-03-13 #27, fix up directory file searching 1.8.58, released 2014-03-11 Move the API to Language.Haskell.HLint2 #638, ensure $! doesn't break strictness with strict fields #24, don't remove DeriveFunctor even when only on a newtype #22, turn off UnboxedTuples by default #21, strip /* C style */ comments #635 and #18, require cpphs-1.18.1 Switch to CmdArgs for command line parsing Remove -x as a synonym for --cross 1.8.57, released 2014-02-04 #6, add a preview of an API #331, improve parse error locations for literate Haskell 1.8.56, released 2014-01-30 Remove support for GHC 6.12 and below #317, tone down the void hint #16, match not . not (and reverse . reverse etc) Suggest <$> instead of fmap f $ ... Tweak some priorities, make >=> a warn and void an error #3, make top of the file ANN pragmas work #10, add a suggestion to use unlines #11, add a few hints about characters #8, add CHANGES.txt to the Cabal package 1.8.55, released 2013-11-29 #627, fix the UnboxedTuples extension warning 1.8.54, released 2013-11-28 Fix a bug when suggesting const 1.8.53, released 2013-09-24 Fix some corner cases when suggesting foldr etc. #517, don't introduce new free variables in a replacement 1.8.52, released 2013-09-24 #2, Generic is not newtype derivable 1.8.51, released 2013-08-20 Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.14 1.8.50, released 2013-08-18 Eliminate upper bounds on all dependencies #617, fix up notIn to take account of Template Haskell variables #573, suggest removing various deriving language extensions 1.8.49, released 2013-07-23 Remove ^^ ==> ** hint Remove a duplicate sqrt hint Ensure that --test failures throws an error Fix up the copyright year in --help 1.8.48, released 2013-07-16 Brackets at the root of annotations are fine Reduce a few more lambda expressions 1.8.47, released 2013-06-28 #613, compatibility with base-4.7 1.8.46, released 2013-06-06 Remove incorrect isPrefixOf hints #586, add span/break/takeWhile/dropWhile hints #588, add sort/reverse hints #601, add replicate/map/repeat hints Add a hint about reverse/reverse Add side as an alias for _ Add hint as an alias for error 1.8.45, released 2013-05-12 #600, hints for unnecessary lazy annotations 1.8.44, released 2013-04-21 #598, warn on unnecessary bang patterns 1.8.43, released 2013-01-27 Change some hint error/warning levels 1.8.42, released 2013-01-23 Allow cpphs-1.16 1.8.41, released 2013-01-19 #586, add a rule for takeWhile/dropWhile ==> span #522, add hints for the state monad #499, fix up the test suite Fix the side conditions for the `isPrefixOf` hint Add hints about take/drop on non positive numbers Add isNat/isPos/isNeg/isNegPos as notes Make the notes a structured type Add --proof feature Retire the Prelude.catch hint Additional boolean equality hints 1.8.40, released 2013-01-06 #585, lots of additional list based hints 1.8.39, released 2012-12-06 #582, don't suggest renaming with trailingHashes# #578, treat _ bindings differently in lambdas 1.8.37, released 2012-12-01 #575, allow cpphs-1.15 1.8.36, released 2012-11-27 Make --with imply no default Hint files 1.8.35, released 2012-11-17 #567, avoid duplicate hints around (.) hints 1.8.34, released 2012-11-06 Switch license from GPL to BSD3 1.8.33, released 2012-10-23 Lots more hints on laziness, foldable and a few others Use mapM_ etc in more situations, when using explicit >>= 1.8.32, released 2012-10-23 Add notes about how to deal with imported fixites Add a --with flag for passing settings on the command line #563, make sure TypeSig hints get the right function name Update the copyright year to 2012 #564, allow brackets and type signatures on annotations Add a note that about using !! if the index is negative 1.8.31, released 2012-08-18 Avoid incomplete patterns when reading ANN pragmas #555, top-level expressions require TemplateHaskell 1.8.30, released 2012-07-11 Add elemIndex/elemIndices hints Allow cpphs-1.14 #551, allow case_ as a name with an underscore 1.8.29, released 2012-06-01 Allow hscolor-1.20.* #574, add a hint to for mapM/zip ==> zipWithM 1.8.28, released 2012-04-01 Fix a bug, >=> hint was missing check about removal of free var 1.8.27, released 2012-03-30 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.13.* 1.8.26, released 2012-03-27 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.12.* Don't suggest redundant brackets when turning ++ into : Add hints suggesting >=> and <=< 1.8.25, released 2012-03-25 Update the copyright year in the Cabal file Allow transformers-0.3.* 1.8.24, released 2012-02-20 #531, Make hlint.ghci well formed again 1.8.23, released 2012-02-05 Add hints for redundant seq/evaluate using isWHNF #526, don't hint for return $! (x :: Int) 1.8.22, released 2012-02-04 Add hint for $! where the RHS is not a variable 1.8.21, released 2012-01-26 #508, add lots of hints from the base library #317, add hints for a >> return () to void Add a fromMaybe/fmap ==> maybe hint #304, don't backet tuple sections Add foldl (++) [] ==> concat #512, detect unnecessary case construct When finding hints, don't abort on a parse error #507, add exitSuccess hint #505, suggest record patterns 1.8.20, released 2011-11-29 #500, make sure eta reduction has position information 1.8.19, released 2011-11-27 #498, eta reduce even if there is a where block #497, don't produce an incorrect lambda when suggesting flip 1.8.18, released 2011-11-05 #438, use Foo.Bar to mean Foo/Bar.hs Add a --path command line option to say where files live #441, avoid bad matches due to automatically eta reducing rules #489, import Foo as Foo is redundant #481, suggest liftM instead of fmap when using the Monad laws 1.8.17, released 2011-10-01 #479, allow - as the file to specify using stdin 1.8.16, released 2011-09-28 #478, allow cpphs-1.13.1 Never suggest view patterns (they aren't sufficiently better) Don't suggest use of Data.Ord.comparing, using `on` is better Only suggest elem/notElem on 3 or more items 1.8.15, released 2011-08-13 Add --cpp-ansi to turn on ANSI compat in cpphs 1.8.14, released 2011-08-12 #455, GHC 7.2 compatibility Add lots of hints from Lennart Augustsson 1.8.13, released 2011-07-05 #302, add a backup fixity analysis, if the HSE one fails Fix x /= y || x /= z ==> x `notElem` [y,z], should be && 1.8.12, released 2011-07-03 Allow cpphs-1.12 1.8.11, released 2011-06-18 #440, suggest removing redundant brackets under do #439, don't add redundant brackets under do 1.8.10, released 2011-06-12 Upgrade to hscolour-1.19 1.8.9, released 2011-05-26 #436, add a hint about mapMaybe/map Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.11.1 Add a --cross flag, to detect hints between multiple modules #428, don't suggest using String in an instance head 1.8.8, released 2011-04-03 #384, suggest collapsing multiple imports/exports #374, don't suggest the removal of necessary brackets #337, suggest Control.Exception.catch instead of Prelude.catch #412, add hints based on Control.Exception #378, suggest removing fromInteger/fromIntegral on literals #369, add notes to a few hints about possible pitfalls #409, fix a few cases where definitions suggested themselves #410, Support test* as ignored items in settings files #414, add isLit* pattern, and hint about ^^ ==> ** #420, make the suggestion to use let a warning #408, rework the when/unless hints, don't suggest on itself Add duplicate detector, for copy/pasted code #285, don't show duplicate filepath separators If the user enters directories containing no files then say Make suggesting curry/uncurry a warning instead of an error 1.8.7, released 2011-01-31 Relax the transformers dependency, works with 0.0.* and 0.1.* 1.8.6, released 2011-01-27 Export suggestionSeverity/Severity from the API Allow hint imports with "hlint", as well as the existing "hint" 1.8.5, released 2011-01-23 Update the copyright year to 2011 #400, support more encoding strings, give useful errors #401, rename the report template to report_template.html Replace filter f x /= [] with any f x, and 2 more similar 1.8.4, released 2011-01-12 #308, allow haskell-src-exts-1.10.1, which parses Unicode better import qualified Char ==> import qualified Data.Char as Char #393, fix suggestion for import IO, requires more than System.IO #376, note that RecordWildCards implies DisambiguateRecordFields 1.8.3, released 2010-11-10 Allow uniplate-1.6 Switch from mtl to transformers #373, require haskell-src-exts-1.9.6 Add a type signature for GHC 7 Suggest [x | x <- xs] ==> xs, if x is a variable 1.8.2, released 2010-10-23 #371, foo (\x -> y :: Int -> Int) is not a redundant bracket Add a hint to use just equality rather than isJust/fromJust 1.8.1, released 2010-10-15 Massive speed up for files with many naming hints #361, keep module names when suggesting infix Add support for wildcard matching on module names #357, don't camel case suggest on FOO_A #370, fix building with GHC 6.10.4 #313, upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.9.4 Workaround for #358, disable empty where hints #355, make "--ignore=Parse error" work Add --cpp-simple to run a simple CPP to strip lines begining # Add bracketing information if the parent is a case Suggest intercalate 1.8, released 2010-09-11 Make --test --hint=file typecheck a file for valid hints #347, Suggest use of otherwise, instead of True, in pattern guards Add hints about redundant where statements Suggest removal of redundant guards Make hints about guards work on patterns/infix matches/case alts Make finding guards look a child functions Correctly collapse functions and lambdas using the same patterns Suggest promoting patterns bound to lambdas to functions Allow collapsing lambdas sharing pattern variables correctly #344, only give one warning for multiple collapsable lambdas #300, substantially improve module name resolution with imports BREAKING: imports in hint files require import "hint" HintFile #335, redundant id should only generate one warning Add a hint for using map (f &&& g) #328, for foo'bar suggest the naming fooBar #323, detect redundant brackets in field declarations #321, force the whole file before displaying a parse error Make --find more robust, fixes a potential parse error 1.7.3, released 2010-07-25 Upgrade to hscolour-1.17 1.7.2, released 2010-06-11 #318, match rules by expanding out (.) #319, don't remove lambdas on the right of infix operators 1.7.1, released 2010-06-07 Add a --quiet flag, to supress stdout (mainly for API users) 1.7, released 2010-06-06 Add support for HLint.Builtin.All Fix crash on (\x -> x) Make the library correctly honour the data directory Improve the manual, mainly language changes and hyperlinking Fix a bug in ListRec, could have _recursive_ in the result #315, spot list rec hints through $ and let Add hints based on (f $) ==> f, and change in ListRec hints Changes to the lambda suggestions, now gives a few more hints Don't suggest importing modules in old-locale/old-time Make the API return the suggestions, rather than just the count #278, add -XNoCpp to disable the C preprocessor #279, add -XExt/-XNoExt to choose extensions Remove some redundant brackets in type replacements #286, remove redundant brackets in match Additional bracket removal, application under sections #299, rework hints to use flip (suggest infix in some cases) Add some fromMaybe hints Fix bug where hints didn't always get names #306, make --find use the hints if there are files specified Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.9 #303, allow fixities to be specified in hint files 1.6.21, released 2010-04-07 #287, warn about Haskell 98 imports #297, add a hint to use mplus #288, detect redundant brackets under a lambda #302, remove error about ambiguous fixities #281, enhance the redundant monad return warnings #293, eliminate _noParen_ from the result #284, eliminate ViewPatterns from FindHints, hits compiler bug #283, don't suggest removal of RecordWildCards Add some hints about concat and (++) #273, require haskell-src-exts >= 1.8.2 1.6.20, released 2010-02-10 #275, add more acknowledgements (still very incomplete) #254, remove the foldr1/map hint Compress nested lambdas, \x -> \y -> ... ==> \x y -> ... Fix minor bug on \x -> \x -> foo x x #274, add redundant bracket inside record update/construct #272, don't mess up creating sections from qualified names Add some hints to suggest elem Add Paths_hlint to the .cabal file, or the library doesn't link #271, rewrite the match engine in terms of SYB 1.6.19, released 2010-02-06 #251, add automatic definition hunting with --find #268, rewrite the (.) expansion in hints to fix various bugs #269, replacing a case with an if should generate one hint Document the ANN pragmas Require haskell-src-exts-1.8.1 1.6.18, released 2010-02-02 Remove a hint replacing do x <- foo; bar x with foo >>= bar #263, support CPP files more fully Upgrade to hscolour-1.16 Upgrade to cpphs-1.11 1.6.17, released 2010-02-01 Force cpphs-1.10, since 1.11 breaks the interface More hints from the Data.Maybe module #262, add support for the TupleSections extension #264, upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.8.*, fixes QuasiQuote pos Upgrade to cpphs 1.10 #266, don't match hints that appear to be the definitions #248, tone down the eta reduction hints Add support for WARNING pragma's to reclassify hints Support ignoring hints on types Give better error messages on incorrect settings files Add temporary haskell-src-exts 1.5/1.6 compatibility #327, add hints to use expressions infix #240, if a then True else False no longer suggests a || False Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.7.* #236, support changing the text encoding with --encoding/--utf8 #260, generate nicer lambdas for (($) . f) Add the hint (($) . f) ==> (f $) 1.6.16, released 2010-01-23 Further performance enhancements (for details see my blog) Update to uniplate 1.5.* (fixes performance bug) Improve speed based on profiling (roughly twice as fast) #245, add hints for excess brackets in types and patterns Make 100% redundant brackets an error Fix bug where qualified names did not match Remove dependency on SYB #234, allow TH top-level splices for ignore #110, add tests for ignoring commands 1.6.15, released 2010-01-12 Upgrade to uniplate 1.4.* (fixes performance bug) #192, make HLint into a fairly basic library Add --datadir to allow running with a different data directory #254, eliminate foldl/map fusion rules (which were untrue) Fix a few typos in the hint rules Upgrade to uniplate 1.3.* Upgrade to haskell-src-exts 1.6.* Add a .ghci file snippet #247, Fix bug matching expressions containing position info 1.6.14, released 2010-01-05 Upgrade to haskell-src-exts 1.5.* 1.6.13, released 2010-01-05 #246, redundant brackets in [(...)] Add fold/map fusion hints Don't suggest namings that are already used in the module #239, Add suggestions of and/or on foldl Add --extension flag, to find files not named .hs/.lhs Only activate the builtin hints when they are imported Fix matching bug, said "Use flip" on "\v -> f v . g" Suggest changing some pattern guards to view patterns 1.6.12, released 2009-11-06 Fix a bug with ignored hints being written to reports Upgrade to haskell-src-exts 1.3.* #228, suggest let instead of <- return in do statements #229, suggest comparing Qualify all non-Prelude function suggestions #225, Add redundant flip hint #226, Add ((+) x) ==> (x +) #223, TemplateHaskell may allow other extensions via code Fix incorrect suggestion on do x <- f ; g x x A few small additional hints (use flip, redundant id) 1.6.11, released 2009-09-13 Don't perform type eta reduction 1.6.10, released 2009-09-13 Fix bug, eta reduction on chained infix operators, i.e. x#y#z 1.6.9, released 2009-09-12 #217, don't suggest eta reduction on - or + Fix bug, PatternGuards under case alternatives were ignored 1.6.8, released 2009-09-07 #213, upgrade to cpphs 1.9 Add suggestion to replace lambda with operator sections Fix bug, ''Name decided TemplateHaskell was unnecessary HPC statistics, and increase in test coverage Fix bug, import A as Y; import A gave import A, missing the as Y Fix bug, type Foo a = Bar a a incorrectly suggested eta reduce 1.6.7, released 2009-08-31 NOTE: #213 has not been fixed, cpphs can cause hangs Add threaded flag to Cabal to disable -threaded mode #212, fix crash Fix bug, incorrectly decided TemplateHaskell was unnecessary 1.6.6, released 2009-08-29 Upgrade to hscolour 1.15 Add a hint for using unless #211, add hints for unused extensions #188, add pragma hints Add a few additional hints (Functor laws) #137, add cpphs support #189, give hints for redundant imports Upgrade to haskell-src-exts 1.1.* 1.6.5, released 2009-08-02 #206, better presentation of parse errors #208, give the correct precedence to ==> in source files 1.6.4, released 2009-07-12 Start of changelog