hmpfr-0.4.3: Haskell binding to the MPFR library

Copyright(c) Aleš Bizjak
Safe HaskellNone




This module exports a pure interface to the MPFR library functions. Functions return new MPFR structures instead of modifying existing ones and so all functions which produce a new MPFR structure take one more parameter than their original C counterparts. This parameter, Precision, is the precision of the resulting MPFR.

This is naturally slower than modifying in-place, especially when dealing with lower precisions, so a "mutable" interface is provided in Data.Number.MPFR.Mutable module.

Naming conventions

  • functions ending with _ (underscore) usually return a pair (MPFR, Int), where Int is a return value of a corresponding mpfr_ function. See the MPFR manual for a description of return values.
  • the same functions without the _ return just the MPFR.
  • mpfr_ prefix in functions is removed
  • _ui and ui_ in function becomes w (stands for Word). For example mpfr_sub_ui becomes subw and mpfr_ui_sub becomes wsub.
  • si_ and _si in functions becomes i (stands for Int). For example mpfr_sub_si becomes subi and mpfr_si_sub becomes isub.
  • comparison functions which have _p appended loose it. For example mpfr_less_p becomes less.


  • NaN /= NaN,
  • Infinity = Infinity,
  • -Infinity = -Infinity
  • otherwise normal comparison
  • compare NaN _ = GT
  • compare _ NaN = GT
  • infinity < _ = False
  • -infinity > _ = False
  • NaN [<,>,>=,<=] _ = False

This mimics the behaviour of built in Haskell Float and Double.

If you need instances of numeric typeclasses import one of the Data.Number.MPFR.Instances.* modules.



data MPFR Source #


Generic MPFR Source # 

Associated Types

type Rep MPFR :: * -> * #


from :: MPFR -> Rep MPFR x #

to :: Rep MPFR x -> MPFR #

Storable MPFR Source # 


sizeOf :: MPFR -> Int #

alignment :: MPFR -> Int #

peekElemOff :: Ptr MPFR -> Int -> IO MPFR #

pokeElemOff :: Ptr MPFR -> Int -> MPFR -> IO () #

peekByteOff :: Ptr b -> Int -> IO MPFR #

pokeByteOff :: Ptr b -> Int -> MPFR -> IO () #

peek :: Ptr MPFR -> IO MPFR #

poke :: Ptr MPFR -> MPFR -> IO () #

type Rep MPFR Source # 

data Precision Source #


Enum Precision Source # 
Eq Precision Source # 
Integral Precision Source # 
Num Precision Source # 
Ord Precision Source # 
Real Precision Source # 
Show Precision Source # 

type Exp = Int64 Source #

Assignment functions

See documentation on particular functions.

Conversion functions

See documentation on particular functions.

Basic arithmetic functions

For documentation on particular functions see

Comparison functions

For documentation on particular functions see

Special functions

For documentation on particular functions see

Integer related functions

Miscellaneous functions

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