Changelog for hoogle-4.2.35

Changelog for Hoogle 4.2.35 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.16 4.2.34 Add defaultDatabaseLocation 4.2.33 Allow WAI-3.0 4.2.32 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.15 4.2.31 #61, support conduit-1.1 4.2.30 #57, support QuickCheck-2.7 4.2.29 #55, if reading as UTF8 fails, explicitly try Latin1 Add QuickCheck as a dependency Change createDatabase to also save the file Disable rank feature Remove running a hoogle query without converting the database Ignore packages without documentation to hoogle data 4.2.28 Upgrade to shake-0.11 #49, update "hoogle data" to be incremental 4.2.27 Rewrite how "hoogle data" works #45, if you are building all, also depend on default #47, switch to using Shake to build the recipes Add a dependency on Shake 4.2.26 Fix omission of the Test file 4.2.25 Fix timestamps in .tar.gz dist file 4.2.24 Allow WAI 2.0 Fix the Keyword generator 4.2.23 Improvements to Haddock conversion 4.2.22 Download Hoogle data from the old Hackage server 4.2.21 #25, make the tarball pass the tests #26, GHC 7.8 compatibility Ensure alias resolution is bottom-up and recursive 4.2.20 #619, do not depend on unix on Windows 4.2.19 Fix version bounds 4.2.18 Allow bytestring-0.9 4.2.17 Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.14 Visual redesign Require bytestring-0.10 or above, due to NFData instances Add NFData instance to Database 4.2.16 Remove lots of explicit upper bounds 4.2.15 Allow http-types-0.8 Allow case-insensitive-1.0 Support --local for GHC docs #568, rewrite Haddock links in --local 4.2.14 Switch license from GPL to BSD3 GHC 7.6 fixes ##4, Allow Cabal-1.16.* 4.2.13 Allow cmdargs-0.10.* 4.2.12 Allow conduit-0.5, wai-1.3 and warp-1.3 Upgrade to http-types-0.7.* In embedded mode, don't hijack the URL bar or title Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.2 #89, add a format=json output mode #476, update the URL as you type Improve iPhone support Update the copyright year in the footer Double the speed of hoogle server responses 4.2.11 Allow transformers-0.3 Allow conduit-0.4, wai-1.2 and warp-1.2 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.12 and 1.13 4.2.10 #533, be paranoid when parsing Cabal files 4.2.9 Upgrade to WAI-1.1 and Warp-1.1 #525, don't rely on a redirect to find files Allow Cabal-1.14 4.2.8 Allow cmdargs-0.9 Fix setting the global read flags and unsetting them properly Allow case-insensitive-0.4.* Make data --local have a good default on Linux Make server --local work on Windows #407, rewrite OpenSearch plugin to work regardless of the server 4.2.7 Allow cmdargs-0.8 4.2.6 Permit GHC 7.2 Allow case-insensitive-0.3.* Fix bug when searching for toString in the embed mode Make --redownload work on the tarballs 4.2.5 Fix hyperlinks to symbols (i.e. &&) in Haddock 4.2.4 #434, use either wget or curl to download the files Allow haskell-src-exts 1.11.* Upgrade to cmdargs==0.7.* 4.2.3 Generate database for ghc internals Give an error if the database is the wrong version Add -fno-cse, to make cmdargs work (was losing args annotations) 4.2.2 Upgrade to WAI==0.4.* and Warp==0.4.* Allow parsec 3, since various people have reported it works Default module URL's correctly when not on Hackage #417, use proper Haddock parsing for package descriptions Make sure https: links work through the web mode Rewrite the binary defer layer, cleaner and slightly faster Eliminate escaping problems when entering "'s in the search Some work on #375, add links to the library page Add --template to override the templates at runtime Add --dynamic flag to server mode, include update stamps Upgrade wai and warp, adds an exception handler #82, rewrite showing document snippets, better expand/collapse Support <em> tags in Haddock output (as well as <i>) Make package matching case insensitive #372, add features to improve module name search Make module name searching case insensitive 4.2.1 Fix for pattern match failure when searching for "to" Fix for not sending text/html when serving local files Eliminate the --nostdin flag, now unnecessary Change to use WAI/Warp instead of HTTP and custom server Fix a bug, didn't ever show Waiting... on the real website Make embed work in IE8 4.2 Make the CGI interface send the right number of newlines Accept prefix and suffix web parameters Eliminate isBlankQuery, make Query a Monoid Make Query abstract, add queryPackages/querySetPackage Rename querySuggestions/queryCompletions by dropping the query Add mode=embed support Add some log analysis features Ignore some whitespace in the input file Work around a cabal bug, include jquery.cookie.js Add ?version=xxx to .css and .js, to make it auto refresh 4.1.5 #399, rehabilitate mode=suggest Stop mode=suggest failing entirely, now cleanly gives no answers Combine --web and --webmode Complete the command line flag help #327, ensure utf8 is found #187, ensure LT is found Use the Hoogle tarball direct from Hackage #54, rework packages, entries and keywords #87, make all database files lowercase Various javascript/ajax enhancements 4.1.4 Running data on Posix sets all files to global read/execute Relax haskell-src-exts to allow 1.10.1 Rework the web page display further 4.1.3 Read and write all database files in UTF8 #391, add tar -xzf when extracting from the tarball Change search results display, packages/modules on separate line Exclude haskellN* from the platform, they are in base Add --nostdin to server mode, to support running with nohup Loosen dependencies for tagsoup (typo'd it before) 4.1.2 Loosen dependencies for tagsoup and HTTP (but not parsec) Avoid self circular dependencies 4.1.1 #195, include all the necessary resources to run as a server When in server mode, be more robust to errors 4.1 #320, make sure system is found #146, preserve forall's in everywhere #186, switch to using haskell-src-exts to parse input files #249, make sure you find MonadWriter #235, make sure you find forall #309, make sure there are links for keywords #78, add --link flag #59, operators look nicer, and have blue brackets round them #352, can now parse ( # ) as a function name in the input #280, searching for "~ +keyword" should find keyword #116, fix links for types/classes #83, all searching for package-name #94, allow textbases to be used automatically #92, short flags are now handled by cmdargs, so work #51, test mode now does what test and testfile did #66, turn Hoogle into a library Add --server flag, to run as a server 4.0.7 Start of changelog