hoppy-generator-0.8.0: C++ FFI generator - Code generator
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Utilities for conditional compilation of parts of interfaces.

This module provides wrappers around Maybe and catMaybes so that you can write code such as:

myClass =
  makeClass ...
  [ ...ctors... ] $
  [ just $ mkMethod "foo" ...
  , test (apiVersion >= [1, 2]) $ mkMethod "bar" ...
  , test featureBaz $ mkMethod "baz" ...

General filtering

type Filtered = Maybe Source #

Placeholder Maybe-like type that may be more general in the future.

collect :: [Filtered a] -> [a] Source #

Filters a list of Filtered values down to the elements that are actually present.

none :: Filtered a Source #

A Filtered value that is always absent.

just :: a -> Filtered a Source #

Returns a Filtered value that is always present.

test :: Bool -> a -> Filtered a Source #

Returns a Filtered value that is only present if the boolean is true.

C++ Standard version

defaultCppVersion :: CppVersion Source #

The CppVersion chosen when one is not explicitly requested. This is Cpp2011.

activeCppVersion :: CppVersion Source #

The active version of the C++ standard. This looks to the HOPPY_CPP_STD environment variable, and accepts the values c++98, c++11, and c++14, which map to the corresponding CppVersion values. If a value other than these is set, then a warning is printed and the default is used. If no value is set, the default is used.

This uses unsafePerformIO internally and won't cope with a changing environment.