hquery- A query language for transforming HTML5

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This module exports the top level constructors used for building node transformations. For example, if your template is

 <div class="person">
   <div class="name"></div>
   <div class="occupation"></div>

and you invoke hquery like this:

 import Text.Hquery
 template = ... -- parse your template here
 people = [ ("Justin Bieber", "Celebrity")
          , ("Jens Kidman", "Musician")
 bindPerson (n, o) = hq ".name *" n . hq ".occupation *" o
 f = hq ".person *" $ map bindPerson people
 f template

you'll get markup like this:

 <div class="person">
   <div class="name">Justin Bieber</div>
   <div class="occupation">Celebrity</div>
 <div class="person">
   <div class="name">Jens Kidman</div>
   <div class="occupation">Musician</div>

You can also add, remove, and append to element attributes. For example if we have: <div class="foo"></div> , below are some example transformations:

  • hq "div [class+]" "hidden" gives <div class="foo hidden"></div>
  • hq ".foo [id]" "bar" gives <div id="bar" class="foo"></div>
  • hq "* [class!]" "foo" gives <div></div>

This module exports several constructors for common types of node transformations. These constructors simply give you back a Node -> Node , which you can then apply however you choose.



data Group Source


Group [Node] 


nothing is handy for deleting a node from the tree, you cna replace it with nothing, e.g. hq ".foo" nothing