hsass-0.8.0: Integrating Sass into Haskell applications.

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wrapFunction :: SassFunctionType -> SassFunctionFnType Source #

Wraps function of type SassFunctionType into function that may be passed to native library.

makeNativeFunction :: SassFunction -> IO SassFunctionEntry Source #

Converts SassFunction into native representation.

If you don't want to pass the resulting object to Sass_Options, call freeNativeFunction.

freeNativeFunction :: SassFunctionEntry -> IO () Source #

Deallocates the object, but does not deallocate signature.

makeNativeFunctionList :: [SassFunction] -> IO SassFunctionList Source #

Converts list of SassFunctions into native representation.

There is analogous problem in relation to deallocation of the result as with makeNativeFunction. See documentation above for explanation.

freeNativeFunctionList :: SassFunctionList -> IO () Source #

Frees the list and entries, without releasing signatures.

Imports and headers

makeNativeImport :: SassImport -> IO SassImportEntry Source #

Converts SassImport into native representation.

freeNativeImport :: SassImportEntry -> IO () Source #

Frees native representation of SassImport.

makeNativeImportList :: [SassImport] -> IO SassImportList Source #

Converts list of SassImports into native representation.

freeNativeImportList :: SassImportList -> IO () Source #

Frees native representation of list of SassEntry, including entries.

makeNativeImporter :: SassImporter -> IO SassImporterEntry Source #

Converts SassImporter into native representation.

freeNativeImporter :: SassImporterEntry -> IO () Source #

Frees native representation of SassImporter.

makeNativeImporterList :: [SassImporter] -> IO SassImporterList Source #

Makes native representation of list of SassImporters.

freeNativeImporterList :: SassImporterList -> IO () Source #

Frees list of native representations of SassImporters.

Libsass does not provide function to free this kind of objects, but we provide it just in case.