hsc3-0.16: Haskell SuperCollider

Safe HaskellNone



The unit-generator graph structure implemented by the SuperCollider synthesis server.



data Synthdef Source #

A named unit generator graph.



synthdef :: String -> UGen -> Synthdef Source #

Lift a UGen graph into a Synthdef.

defaultSynthdef :: Synthdef Source #

The SC3 default instrument Synthdef, see default_ugen_graph.

import Sound.OSC {- hosc -}
import Sound.SC3 {- hsc3 -}
withSC3 (sendMessage (d_recv defaultSynthdef))
audition defaultSynthdef

defaultSampler :: Bool -> Synthdef Source #

The SC3 default sample (buffer) playback instrument Synthdef, see default_sampler_ugen_graph.

withSC3 (sendMessage (d_recv (defaultSampler False)))
audition (defaultSampler False)

synthdefParam :: Synthdef -> [String] Source #

Parameter names at Synthdef.

synthdefParam defaultSynthdef == ["amp","pan","gate","freq","out"]

ugenIndices :: String -> Graph -> [Integer] Source #

Find the indices of the named UGen at Graph. The index is required when using u_cmd.

synthdefData :: Synthdef -> ByteString Source #

Encode Synthdef as a binary data stream.

synthdefWrite :: Synthdef -> FilePath -> IO () Source #

Write Synthdef to indicated directory. The filename is the synthdefName with the appropriate extension (scsyndef).

graph_stat :: Graph -> [String] Source #

Simple statistical analysis of a unit generator graph.