hsc3-0.17: Haskell SuperCollider

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Enumeration of SC3 server commands.



type SC3_Command = String Source #

SC3 server commands are strings.

sc3_cmd_enumeration :: [(SC3_Command, Int)] Source #

Enumerate server command numbers.

sc3_cmd_number :: SC3_Command -> Maybe Int Source #

Lookup command number in sc3_cmd_enumeration.

map sc3_cmd_number ["/b_alloc","/s_new"] == [Just 28,Just 9]

async_cmds :: [SC3_Command] Source #

List of asynchronous server commands, ie. commands that reply with /done.

isAsync :: Message -> Bool Source #

True if Message is an asynchronous Message.

import Sound.SC3
map isAsync [b_close 0,n_set1 0 "0" 0,status] == [True,False,False]

partition_async :: [Message] -> ([Message], [Message]) Source #

Asynchronous commands are at the left. This function should preserve the ordering of both branches.

partition_async [b_close 0,n_set1 0 "0" 0]

b_info_fields :: [(String, String)] Source #

Types & names for b_info message fields.

n_info_fields :: [(String, String, String)] Source #

Type, name and value descriptors for fields of n_info message.