hsc3-process-0.5.1: Create and control scsynth processes

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data Verbosity Source

Used with the verbosity field in ServerOptions.


Enum Verbosity 
Eq Verbosity 
Read Verbosity 
Show Verbosity 

data ServerOptions Source

Specify general server options used both in realtime and non-realtime mode.




serverProgram :: FilePath

Path to the scsynth program

numberOfControlBusChannels :: Int

Number of allocated control bus channels

numberOfAudioBusChannels :: Int

Number of allocated audio bus channels

numberOfInputBusChannels :: Int

Number of physical input channels

numberOfOutputBusChannels :: Int

Number of physical output channels

blockSize :: Int

Synthesis block size

numberOfSampleBuffers :: Int

Number of allocated sample buffers

maxNumberOfNodes :: Int

Maximum number of synthesis nodes

maxNumberOfSynthDefs :: Int

Maximum number of synth definitions

realtimeMemorySize :: Int

Realtime memory size in bytes

numberOfWireBuffers :: Int

Number of unit generator connection buffers

numberOfRandomSeeds :: Int

Number of random number generator seeds

loadSynthDefs :: Bool

If True, load synth definitions from synthdefs directory on startup

verbosity :: Verbosity

Verbosity level

ugenPluginPath :: Maybe [FilePath]

List of UGen plugin search paths

restrictedPath :: Maybe FilePath

Sandbox path to restrict OSC command filesystem access


defaultServerOptions :: ServerOptionsSource

Default server options.

data RTOptions Source

Realtime server options, parameterized by the OpenSoundControl Transport to be used.




udpPortNumber :: Int

UDP port number (one of udpPortNumber and tcpPortNumber must be non-zero)

tcpPortNumber :: Int

TCP port number (one of udpPortNumber and tcpPortNumber must be non-zero)

useZeroconf :: Bool

If True, publish scsynth service through Zeroconf

maxNumberOfLogins :: Int

Max number of supported logins if sessionPassword is set

sessionPassword :: Maybe String

Session password Audio device control

hardwareDeviceName :: Maybe String

Hardware device name (JACK client:server name on Linux)

hardwareBufferSize :: Int

Hardware buffer size (no effect with JACK)

hardwareSampleRate :: Int

Hardware buffer size (no effect with JACK)

inputStreamsEnabled :: Maybe Int

Enabled input streams (CoreAudio only)

outputStreamsEnabled :: Maybe Int

Enabled output streams (CoreAudio only)


Eq RTOptions 
Show RTOptions 

defaultRTOptions :: RTOptionsSource

Default realtime server options.

defaultRTOptionsUDP :: RTOptionsSource

Default realtime server options (UDP transport).

defaultRTOptionsTCP :: RTOptionsSource

Default realtime server options (TCP transport).

data NRTOptions Source

Non-realtime server options.




commandFilePath :: Maybe FilePath

Path to OSC command file (Nothing for stdin)

inputFilePath :: Maybe FilePath

Path to input sound file (Nothing for no audio input)

outputFilePath :: FilePath

Path to output sound file

outputSampleRate :: Int

Output sound file sample rate

outputHeaderFormat :: String

Output sound file header format

outputSampleFormat :: String

Output sound file sample format


defaultNRTOptions :: NRTOptionsSource

Default non-realtime server options.