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data Chan a Source

Chan is stoppable channel unline Chan

newChan :: IO (Chan a) Source

Create channel

dupChan :: Chan a -> IO (Chan a) Source

Duplicate channel

openedChan :: Chan a -> IO Bool Source

Is channel opened

closedChan :: Chan a -> IO Bool Source

Is channel closing/closed

doneChan :: Chan a -> IO Bool Source

Is channed closed and all data allready read from it

sendChan :: Chan a -> a -> IO Bool Source

Write data to channel

putChan :: Chan a -> a -> IO () Source

Put data to channel

getChan :: Chan a -> IO (Maybe a) Source

Get data from channel

readChan :: Chan a -> IO [a] Source

Read channel contents

closeChan :: Chan a -> IO () Source

Close channel. putChan will still work, but no data will be available on other ending

stopChan :: Chan a -> IO [a] Source

Stop channel and return all data