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globalDb :: PackageDbStack Source

Global db stack

userDb :: PackageDbStack Source

User db stack

fromPackageDb :: FilePath -> PackageDbStack Source

Make package-db from one package-db

fromPackageDbs :: [FilePath] -> PackageDbStack Source

Make package-db stack from paths

topPackageDb :: PackageDbStack -> PackageDb Source

Get top package-db for package-db stack

packageDbs :: PackageDbStack -> [PackageDb] Source

Get list of package-db in stack, adds additional global-db at bottom

packageDbStacks :: PackageDbStack -> [PackageDbStack] Source

Get stacks for each package-db in stack

isSubStack :: PackageDbStack -> PackageDbStack -> Bool Source

Is one package-db stack substack of another

packageDbOpt :: PackageDb -> String Source

Get ghc options for package-db

packageDbStackOpts :: PackageDbStack -> [String] Source

Get ghc options for package-db stack