hslua-aeson-2.2.1: Allow aeson data types to be used with Lua.
Copyright© 2017–2022 Albert Krewinkel
MaintainerAlbert Krewinkel <tarleb@zeitkraut.de>
Safe HaskellNone



Pushes and retrieves aeson Values to and from the Lua stack.

  • JSON null values are encoded as light userdata containing the NULL pointer.
  • Objects are converted to string-indexed tables.
  • Arrays are converted to sequence tables and are given a metatable. This makes it possible to distinguish between empty arrays and empty objects. The metatable is stored in the registry under key 'HsLua JSON array'' (see also jsonarray).
  • JSON numbers are converted to Lua numbers, i.e., Number; the exact C type may vary, depending on compile-time Lua configuration.


peekValue :: LuaError e => Peeker e Value Source #

Retrieves an Aeson Value from the Lua stack.

pushValue :: LuaError e => Pusher e Value Source #

Hslua StackValue instance for the Aeson Value data type.

peekViaJSON :: (FromJSON a, LuaError e) => Peeker e a Source #

Retrieves a value from the Lua stack via JSON.

pushViaJSON :: (ToJSON a, LuaError e) => Pusher e a Source #

Pushes a value to the Lua stack as a JSON-like value.

jsonarray :: Name Source #

Name of the registry slot holding the metatable given to array tables. The registry entry can be replaced with a different table if needed.