hsoz- Iron, Hawk, Oz: Web auth protocols

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This module is best imported qualified. Unless you are writing your own Oz endpoints, all you will need for a normal application server is rsvp.



rsvp :: MonadIO m => OzAppId -> Maybe OzGrantId -> Key -> TicketOpts -> m (Maybe ByteString) Source #

When the user authorizes the application access request, the server issues an rsvp which is an encoded string containing the application identifier, the grant identifier, and an expiration.

This function generates the rsvp string.

issue :: MonadIO m => Key -> OzApp -> Maybe OzGrant -> TicketOpts -> m (Either String OzSealedTicket) Source #

Issues a new application or user ticket.

reissue :: MonadIO m => Key -> OzApp -> Maybe OzGrant -> TicketOpts -> Maybe OzScope -> Maybe OzAppId -> OzSealedTicket -> m (Either String OzSealedTicket) Source #

Reissues an application or user ticket.

parse :: TicketOpts -> Key -> ByteString -> IO (Either String OzSealedTicket) Source #

Decodes a Hawk "app" string into an Oz Ticket.