hspec- Behavior Driven Development for Haskell

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This module provides access to Hspec's internals. It is less stable than other parts of the API. For most users Test.Hspec is more suitable!


A type class for examples

class Example a whereSource

A type class for examples.


data Params Source



data Result Source

The result of running an example.

A writer monad for constructing specs

data SpecM a Source

A writer monad for SpecTree forests.

runSpecM :: Spec -> [SpecTree]Source

Convert a Spec to a forest of SpecTrees.

fromSpecList :: [SpecTree] -> SpecSource

Create a Spec from a forest of SpecTrees.

Internal representation of a spec tree

data SpecTree Source

Internal representation of a spec.

describe :: String -> [SpecTree] -> SpecTreeSource

The describe function combines a list of specs into a larger spec.

it :: Example a => String -> a -> SpecTreeSource

Create a spec item.

Deprecated types and functions

type Spec = SpecTreeSource

Deprecated: use `SpecTree` instead

type Specs = [SpecTree]Source

Deprecated: use `[SpecTree]` instead

hspecB :: [SpecTree] -> IO BoolSource

Deprecated: use `Test.Hspec.Runner.hspecWith` instead

hspecX :: [SpecTree] -> IO ()Source

Deprecated: use `Test.Hspec.Runner.hspec` instead

hHspec :: Handle -> [SpecTree] -> IO SummarySource

Deprecated: use `Test.Hspec.Runner.hspecWith` instead

hspec :: [SpecTree] -> IO ()Source

Deprecated: use `Test.Hspec.Runner.hspec` instead

type Pending = PendingSource

Deprecated: use `Test.Hspec.Pending` instead

pending :: String -> PendingSource

Deprecated: use `Test.Hspec.pending` instead