Changelog for http-types-0.12.3

* 0.12.3 [2019-02-24] Remove now-invalid doctest options from doctests.hs. * 0.12.2 [2018-09-26] Add new parseQueryReplacePlus function, which allows specifying whether to replace '+' with ' '. Add header name constants for "Prefer" and "Preference-Applied" (RFC 7240). * 0.12.1 [2018-01-31] Add new functions for constructing a query URI where not all parts are escaped. * 0.12 [2018-01-28] URI encoding is now back to upper-case hexadecimal, as that is the preferred canonicalization, and the previous change caused issues with URI signing in at least amazonka. * 0.11 [2017-11-29] Remove dependency on blaze-builder. (Note that as a side effect of this, URI encoding is now using lower-case rather than uppercase hexadecimal.) Add Bounded instance to Status. Re-export more status codes and http20 from Network.HTTP.Types. * 0.10 [2017-10-22] New status codes, new headers. Fixed typo in imATeapot, added missing toEnum. Oh, and http20. * 0.9.1 [2016-06-04] New function: parseByteRanges. Support for HTTP status 422 "Unprocessable Entity" (RFC 4918). * 0.9 [2015-10-09] No changelog was maintained up to version 0.9.