hxt- A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell.

CopyrightCopyright (C) 2005 Uwe Schmidt
MaintainerUwe Schmidt (uwe\@fh-wedel.de)
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Interface definition for trees



class Tree t where Source

The interface for trees


mkTree :: a -> [t a] -> t a Source

tree construction: a new tree is constructed by a node attribute and a list of children

mkLeaf :: a -> t a Source

leaf construction: leafs don't have any children

definition: mkLeaf n = mkTree n []

isLeaf :: t a -> Bool Source

leaf test: list of children empty?

isInner :: t a -> Bool Source

innner node test: not . isLeaf

getNode :: t a -> a Source

select node attribute

getChildren :: t a -> [t a] Source

select children

changeNode :: (a -> a) -> t a -> t a Source

edit node attribute

changeChildren :: ([t a] -> [t a]) -> t a -> t a Source

edit children

setNode :: a -> t a -> t a Source

substitute node: setNode n = changeNode (const n)

setChildren :: [t a] -> t a -> t a Source

substitute children: setChildren cl = changeChildren (const cl)

foldTree :: (a -> [b] -> b) -> t a -> b Source

fold for trees

nodesTree :: t a -> [a] Source

all nodes of a tree

depthTree :: t a -> Int Source

depth of a tree

cardTree :: t a -> Int Source

number of nodes in a tree

formatTree :: (a -> String) -> t a -> String Source

format tree for readable trace output

a graphical representation of the tree in text format


Tree NTree

Implementation of Data.Tree.Class interface for rose trees

Tree NTZipper 

formatNTree' :: Tree t => (a -> String) -> (String -> String) -> (String -> String) -> t a -> String -> String Source

convert a tree into a pseudo graphical string representation