hxt- A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell.

CopyrightCopyright (C) 2008 Uwe Schmidt
MaintainerUwe Schmidt (uwe@fh-wedel.de)
Safe HaskellNone



Regular Expression Matcher working on lists of XmlTrees

It's intended to import this module with an explicit import declaration for not spoiling the namespace with these somewhat special arrows



matchXmlRegex :: XmlRegex -> XmlTrees -> Maybe String Source #

match a sequence of XML trees with a regular expression over trees

If the input matches, the result is Nothing, else Just an error message is returned

splitXmlRegex :: XmlRegex -> XmlTrees -> Maybe (XmlTrees, XmlTrees) Source #

split a sequence of XML trees into a pair of a a matching prefix and a rest

If there is no matching prefix, Nothing is returned

scanXmlRegex :: XmlRegex -> XmlTrees -> Maybe [XmlTrees] Source #

scan a sequence of XML trees and split it into parts matching the given regex

If the parts cannot be split because of a missing match, or because of the empty sequence as match, Nothing is returned

matchRegexA :: XmlRegex -> LA XmlTree XmlTree -> LA XmlTree XmlTrees Source #

check whether a sequence of XmlTrees match an Xml regular expression

The arrow for matchXmlRegex.

The expession is build up from simple arrows acting as predicate (mkPrimA) for an XmlTree and of the usual cobinators for sequence (mkSeq), repetition (mkStar, mkRep', mkRng) and choice (mkAlt, mkOpt)

splitRegexA :: XmlRegex -> LA XmlTree XmlTree -> LA XmlTree (XmlTrees, XmlTrees) Source #

split the sequence of trees computed by the filter a into

The arrow for splitXmlRegex.

a first part matching the regex and a rest, if a prefix of the input sequence does not match the regex, the arrow fails else the pair containing the result lists is returned

scanRegexA :: XmlRegex -> LA XmlTree XmlTree -> LA XmlTree XmlTrees Source #

scan the input sequence with a regex and give the result as a list of lists of trees back the regex must at least match one input tree, so the empty sequence should not match the regex

The arrow for scanXmlRegex.