{-# LANGUAGE DeriveFunctor #-}

module Subscription
  SubscriptionTree (..),

import Control.Monad (void)
import Control.Monad.Writer (Writer, tell, execWriter)
import Data.Aeson (Value)
import Data.Foldable (for_, traverse_)
import Data.HashMap.Strict (HashMap)
import Data.Hashable (Hashable)
import Data.Maybe (fromMaybe)
import Data.Monoid ((<>))
import Data.Text (Text)

import qualified Control.Concurrent.Async as Async
import qualified Data.HashMap.Strict as HashMap
import qualified Data.Text as Text

import qualified Store

-- Keeps subscriptions in a tree data structure, so we can efficiently determine
-- which clients need to be notified for a given update.
data SubscriptionTree id conn =
  SubscriptionTree (HashMap id conn) (HashMap Text (SubscriptionTree id conn))
  deriving (Eq, Functor, Show)

empty :: SubscriptionTree id conn
empty = SubscriptionTree HashMap.empty HashMap.empty

isEmpty :: SubscriptionTree id conn -> Bool
isEmpty (SubscriptionTree here inner) = HashMap.null here && HashMap.null inner

  :: (Eq id, Hashable id)
  => [Text]
  -> id
  -> conn
  -> SubscriptionTree id conn
  -> SubscriptionTree id conn
subscribe path subid subval (SubscriptionTree here inner) =
  case path of
    [] -> SubscriptionTree (HashMap.insert subid subval here) inner
    key : pathTail ->
        subscribeInner = subscribe pathTail subid subval
        newInner = HashMap.alter (Just . subscribeInner . fromMaybe empty) key inner
        SubscriptionTree here newInner

  :: (Eq id, Hashable id)
  => [Text]
  -> id
  -> SubscriptionTree id conn
  -> SubscriptionTree id conn
unsubscribe path subid (SubscriptionTree here inner) =
  case path of
    [] -> SubscriptionTree (HashMap.delete subid here) inner
    key : pathTail ->
        -- Remove the tail from the inner tree (if it exists). If that left the
        -- inner tree empty, remove the key altogether to keep the tree clean.
        justNotEmpty tree = if isEmpty tree then Nothing else Just tree
        unsubscribeInner = justNotEmpty . unsubscribe pathTail subid
        newInner = HashMap.update unsubscribeInner key inner
        SubscriptionTree here newInner

-- Invoke f for all subscribers to the path. The subscribers get passed the
-- subvalue at the path that they are subscribed to.
broadcast :: (conn -> Value -> IO ()) -> [Text] -> Value -> SubscriptionTree id conn -> IO ()
broadcast f path value tree =
  -- We broadcast concurrently since all updates are independent of each other
  Async.mapConcurrently_ (uncurry f) notifications
  where notifications = broadcast' path value tree

-- Like broadcast, but return a list of notifications rather than invoking an
-- effect on each of them.
broadcast' :: [Text] -> Value -> SubscriptionTree id conn -> [(conn, Value)]
broadcast' = \path value tree -> execWriter $ loop path value tree
  loop :: [Text] -> Value -> SubscriptionTree id conn -> Writer [(conn, Value)] ()
  loop path value (SubscriptionTree here inner) = do
    case path of
      [] -> do
        -- When the path is empty, all subscribers that are "here" or at a deeper
        -- level should receive a notification.
        traverse_ (\v -> tell [(v, value)]) here
        let broadcastInner key = loop [] (Store.lookupOrNull [key] value)
        void $ HashMap.traverseWithKey broadcastInner inner

      key : pathTail -> do
        traverse_ (\v -> tell [(v, value)]) here
        for_ (HashMap.lookup key inner) $ \subs ->
          loop pathTail (Store.lookupOrNull [key] value) subs

-- Show subscriptions, for debugging purposes.
showTree :: Show id => SubscriptionTree id conn -> String
showTree tree =
    withPrefix prefix (SubscriptionTree here inner) =
        strHere :: String
        strHere = concatMap (\cid -> " * " <> (show cid) <> "\n") (HashMap.keys here)
        showInner iPrefix t = iPrefix <> "\n" <> withPrefix iPrefix t
        strInner :: String
        strInner = concat $ HashMap.mapWithKey (\key -> showInner (prefix <> "/" <> Text.unpack key)) inner
        strHere <> strInner
    "/\n" <> (withPrefix "" tree)