imm- Retrieve RSS/Atom feeds and write one mail per new item in a maildir.

Safe HaskellNone



class DatabaseReader m whereSource


getLastCheck :: FeedID -> m UTCTimeSource

Read the last check time in the state file.

class MonadError ImmError m => DatabaseWriter m whereSource


storeLastCheck :: FeedID -> UTCTime -> m ()Source

Write the last update time in the data file.

forget :: FeedID -> m ()Source

Remove state file as if no update was ever done.

data FileDatabase Source


Default (IO FileDatabase)

A state file stores the last check time for a single feed, identified with its URI.

(MonadBase IO m, MonadError ImmError m) => DatabaseWriter (ReaderT FileDatabase m) 
MonadBase IO m => DatabaseReader (ReaderT FileDatabase m)