influxdb- Haskell client library for InfluxDB

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type Lens s t a b = forall f. Functor f => (a -> f b) -> s -> f t Source

type Lens' s a = Lens s s a a Source

Lenses for Config

credentials :: Lens' Config Credentials Source

User credentials for authentication

httpManager :: Lens' Config Manager Source

An instance of Manager from http-client package

Lenses for Credentials

user :: Lens' Credentials Text Source

User name to be used for authentication

password :: Lens' Credentials Text Source

Password to be used for authentication

Lenses for Server

host :: Lens' Server Text Source

Host name or IP address of an InfluxDB

port :: Lens' Server Int Source

Port number to be used to connect to an InfluxDB

ssl :: Lens' Server Bool Source

Whether or not to enable SSL connection