influxdb-1.1.1: Haskell client library for InfluxDB

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data Line time Source #

Placeholder for the Line Protocol

See for the concrete syntax.


Line !Key !(Map Key Text) !(Map Key FieldValue) !(Maybe time) 

measurement :: Lens' (Line time) Key Source #

Name of the measurement that you want to write your data to.

tagSet :: Lens' (Line time) (Map Key Text) Source #

Tag(s) that you want to include with your data point. Tags are optional in the Line Protocol, so you can set it empty.

fieldSet :: Lens' (Line time) (Map Key FieldValue) Source #

Field(s) for your data point. Every data point requires at least one field in the Line Protocol, so it shouldn't be empty.

timestamp :: Lens' (Line time) (Maybe time) Source #

Timestamp for your data point. You can put whatever type of timestamp that is an instance of the Timestamp class.

buildLine :: (time -> Int64) -> Line time -> Builder Source #

buildLines :: Foldable f => (time -> Int64) -> f (Line time) -> Builder Source #

encodeLine :: (time -> Int64) -> Line time -> ByteString Source #

encodeLines :: Foldable f => (time -> Int64) -> f (Line time) -> ByteString Source #