instance-control- Controls how the compiler searches for instances using type families.

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type GenMorph db m1 m2 = (CorrectPath m1 m2 (Path db m1 m2), GeneratableMorph db (Path db m1 m2), Morph' (Path db m1 m2) m1 m2) Source #

A generalized version of Morph. Can work on different rulesets, so this should be used if the ruleset is to be extended.

type DB = ConnectMorph_2m Maybe MaybeT :+: (ConnectMorph_mt MaybeT :+: (ConnectMorph Maybe [] :+: (ConnectMorph_2m [] ListT :+: (ConnectMorph (MaybeT IO) (ListT IO) :+: NoMorph)))) Source #

type Morph m1 m2 = GenMorph DB m1 m2 Source #

States that m1 can be represented with m2. That is because m2 contains more infromation than m1.

The MMorph relation defines a natural transformation from m1 to m2 that keeps the following laws:

morph (return x)  =  return x
morph (m >>= f)   =  morph m >>= morph . f

It is a reflexive and transitive relation.

morph :: Morph m1 m2 => m1 a -> m2 a Source #

Lifts the first monad into the second.