Changelog for intricacy-0.7.2

This is an abbreviated summary; see the git log for gory details. 0.7.2: Support ghc-8.0 Use Argon2 for server-side password hashing Tweak graphics and text Make server compatible with feed-1.0.0 (thanks constatinus) Avoid DOS-reserved codenames (thanks constatinus) 0.7.1: Rework tutorial and intro. Animate movement. Prevent dragging wrench off-path from generating a move. Various UI improvements. Fix compile error on older ghc versions. 0.7: Encrypt passwords when communicating with server (in previous versions, they were salted and hashed but not encrypted). Clean out solutions when a lock becomes public. Various UI improvements, particularly for curses mode. 0.6.2: Fix obscure but actual bug in core game physics: wrenches were being blocked when they shouldn't be. See TST:C on the main server for an example - it can be solved only in intricacy versions prior to this one. Extra help text screen for editing first lock. Cycle through all possibilities when placing blocks in editor. 0.6.1: Fix stupid bug preventing registration via keyboard command. 0.6: New scoring system - you don't get the point for a solution if the lock owner has read your note. Server optionally notifies users by email when their locks are solved. Server produces RSS feeds. Save solutions-in-progress of locks and tutorial. Indicate when there's a pending network request, and allow cancellation. Support ghc-7.10. Support OS X (thanks Kevin Eaves). Further tweaks to UI and tutorials. 0.5: Adjustments to graphics, tutorial, and metagame UI, to increase clarity. Concurrency on server; no more freezes while it checks a solution. Misc optimisations. Fix sound lag on Windows. 0.4: Sound effects (thanks linley). Animate to show the two physics phases (thanks dormir). Help screens. Help text for buttons and metagame. Deneutralised metagame terminology. Tutorial tweaked. Various UI improvements (thanks Quicksand-S and dormir) 0.3: Mouse control. Improvements to curses UI - handle resizing; show keys; allow rebinding. Shortened tutorial drastically. Other levels now in 'tutorial-extra/'. Improve handling inaccessible servers. Added background. First version uploaded to hackage. Scoring tweak: empty slots are accessed iff all non-empty slots are. Detailed game info in README. Hover text for UI buttons. Marks. Lock testing in edit mode. Significant bugs fixed: editor, lockfile reader, and validity checker were not in accordance on what is allowed as the root of a spring. SDL UI was redrawing the screen on every mouse movement. curses UI wasn't refreshing properly on async flag. stale notes weren't getting refreshed. retired display got stuck on changing codename. you couldn't move into the bolthole with keyboard commands. 0.2: First public release