Changelog for ip6addr-0.3.3

2011-01-13 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.3.3 released. - ip6addrgen now deals with leading zeros in 16bits token. 2010-10-28 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.3.2 released. - Fixed a mis pattern matching in version 0.3.1. - Better pattern matching ISATAP adresses to keep their IPv4 dotted representation in IPv6 addresses. 2010-10-26 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.3.1 released. - The command-line tool 'ip6addrcan' now rewrites the embedded IPv4 adress in hexadecimal digits to output pure IPv6 text representation. But some IPv6 adresses with well-known prefixes (IPv4-compatible, IPv4-mapped, IPv4-translated, IPv4-translatable, ISATAP) keeps visible the embedded IPv4 dotted representation to keep visible in the text representation the fact they deals with IPv4 to IPv6 transition process. 2010-10-20 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.3 released. - The command-line tool 'ip6addrval' is renamed (for the last time) 'ip6addrcan'. This tool now outputs rewrited valid IPv6 addresses canonized in conformation with RFC 5952, which updates RFC 4291. - 'ip6addrgen' is not updated yet from RFC 4291 to RFC 5952. Outputted adresses from 'ip6addrgen' have to be pipelined through 'ip6addrcan'. 2010-08-09 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.2 released. - The command-line tool 'ip6addr' is renamed 'ip6addrval'. This tool now validates CIDR suffix if exists and outputs IPv6 adresses with CIDR prefixes cutted off. - The command-line tool 'ip6addrgen' is added. This tool generates random IPv6 adresses. Two options : -n to provide a count of IPv6 adresses to output, -p to provide an uncompressed prefix to apply to each outputted address. 2009-09-11 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.1.1 released. - Fixed three bugs in IPv6 address validation. - Added a test written in Perl. 2009-06-26 Michel Boucey <> - Version 0.1 released.