isbn- ISBN Validation and Manipulation
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data ISBN Source #

Data type for representing ISBN values. Values of this type should be created safely using validateISBN, which will produce ISBN10 or ISBN13 values after validating the input.

The validateISBN10 and validateISBN13 functions can also be used to only attempt to create ISBNs of a specific type.

To create ISBN values without validation, use the unsafeToISBN10 and unsafeToISBN13 functions to coerce Text values into ISBN values.


ISBN13 Text

An ISBN-13 value. Consists of 12 digits followed by a base-10 check digit (0-9).


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Show ISBN Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Data.ISBN.Types


showsPrec :: Int -> ISBN -> ShowS #

show :: ISBN -> String #

showList :: [ISBN] -> ShowS #

Eq ISBN Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Data.ISBN.Types


(==) :: ISBN -> ISBN -> Bool #

(/=) :: ISBN -> ISBN -> Bool #

validateISBN13 :: Text -> Either ISBN13ValidationError ISBN Source #

Used to safely create ISBN13 values represented by the ISBN data type. Assumes that the Text input is an ISBN-13 string, either with or without hyphens.

Will return either a validated ISBN-13 or an ISBN13ValidationError, which can be rendered as a descriptive string using renderISBN13ValidationError.


validateISBN13 "9780345816023"     == Right (ISBN13 "9780345816023")
validateISBN13 "9780807014295"     == Right (ISBN13 "9780807014295")
validateISBN13 "9780306406157"     == Right (ISBN13 "9780306406157")
validateISBN13 "978-0-306-40615-7" == Right (ISBN13 "9780306406157")
validateISBN13 "9780345816029"     == Left ISBN13InvalidCheckDigit
validateISBN13 "9780807014299"     == Left ISBN13InvalidCheckDigit
validateISBN13 "00000000000000"    == Left ISBN13InvalidInputLength
validateISBN13 "0X00000000000"     == Left ISBN13IllegalCharactersInInput

Validation Errors

renderISBN13ValidationError :: ISBN13ValidationError -> Text Source #

Convert an ISBN13ValidationError into a human-friendly error message.

data ISBN13ValidationError Source #

Possible validation errors resulting from ISBN-13 validation.



The length of the input string is not 13 characters, not counting hyphens


The ISBN-13 input contains non-numeric characters


The check digit is not valid for the given ISBN-13


confirmISBN13CheckDigit :: Text -> Bool Source #

Confirms that the check digit of an ISBN-13 is correct. Assumes that the input consists of 12 numeric characters followed by a legal check digit character (0-9).


confirmISBN13CheckDigit "9780306406157" == True
confirmISBN13CheckDigit "9780345816029" == False

calculateISBN13CheckDigitValue :: Text -> Int Source #

Calculates an ISBN-13 check digit value using the standard check digit calculation formula. Assumes that the input is 12 numeric characters. The check digit value will be a number from 0 to 9.



calculateISBN13CheckDigitValue "978030640615" == 7
calculateISBN13CheckDigitValue "978151915024" == 0

numericValueToISBN13Char :: Int -> Char Source #

Converts a numeric value to an ISBN-13 character. Valid input values are the numbers from 0 to 10.

isISBN13 :: ISBN -> Bool Source #

Determines whether an ISBN value is an ISBN-13.


isISBN13 (unsafeToISBN10 "0060899220")    == False
isISBN13 (unsafeToISBN13 "9780060899226") == True


Unsafe Coercion

unsafeToISBN13 :: Text -> ISBN Source #

Will create an ISBN13 value without any validation.