isobmff- A parser and generator for the ISO-14496-12/14 base media file format

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Predefined Box composition matching the dash brand. TODO this is an incomplete, special-purpose variant of this brand, serving my personal, educational, current need. This is a convenient way of building documents of that kind.



data Dash (version :: Nat) Source #

A phantom type to indicate this branding. Version can be 0 or 1 it is used in some boxes to switch between 32/64 bits.

IsMediaFileFormat (Dash v :: Type) Source #

A BoxLayout which contains the stuff needed for the dash brand. TODO add iso1 iso2 iso3 iso5 isom formats

Instance details

Defined in Data.ByteString.IsoBaseFileFormat.Brands.Dash

Associated Types

type BoxLayout (Dash v) :: Type Source #


mediaBuilder :: (IsBoxContent t, IsRuleConform t (BoxLayout (Dash v)) ~ True) => proxy (Dash v) -> t -> Builder Source #

type BoxLayout (Dash v :: Type) Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Data.ByteString.IsoBaseFileFormat.Brands.Dash

type BoxLayout (Dash v :: Type)

dash :: Proxy (Dash 0) Source #

A constant to indicate the Dash brand with version 0