Changelog for jwt-0.4.4

2015-01-19 0.4.4 ================ * Add the missing `other-modules` field to the .cabal file so that all the tests are present in the source distribution. Thanks to Richard Wallace for reporting this. 2015-01-17 0.4.3 ================ * Tim McLean pointed out that comparing signatures may be susceptible to a timing attack in the way the signatures were compared (using the default Eq instance). Both `Signature` and `Secret` now have an `Eq` instance that uses a constant time comparison function. Thanks Tim for reporting this. 2014-10-15 0.4.2 ================ * Fix the build problems introduced in 0.4.1 to work with the split network package. Thanks to Richard Wallace for fixing this and to Jeremy Shaw for reporting this at the same time. 2014-09-17 0.4.1 ================ * Update jwt.cabal to work with the new split network package. Thanks to Jeremy Shaw for reporting this. 2014-08-02 0.4.0 ================ * Change the upper boundary of base from 4.7 to 4.8 (#5) 2014-06-02 0.3.0 ================ * Add verify function (thanks to Robert Massaioli) to allow verifying an already decoded JWT token 2014-03-10 0.2.1 ================= * Add Decoding/Encoding sections * Make the examples runnable by doctest * Fix hlint warnings * Add 'secondsSinceEpoch' to extract the seconds from epoch from an IntDate 2014-03-10 0.2.0 ================= * Export the IntDate and StringOrURI types #5a1137b 2014-03-03 0.1.1 ================= * Verify that invalid input to the decode* functions fails as expected 2014-03-03 0.1.0 ================= * Initial release