keera-hails-reactive-yampa-0.7.0: Haskell on Rails - FRP Yampa Signal Functions as RVs

Copyright(C) Keera Studios Ltd 2013
Safe HaskellNone





yampaReactiveDual :: a -> SF a b -> IO (ReactiveFieldWrite IO a, ReactiveFieldRead IO b) Source #

Define a couple of RVs connected by an SF, so that writing to one makes the SF process the value and make the result available in a readable RV.

yampaReactive :: a -> SF a a -> IO (ReactiveFieldReadWrite IO a) Source #

Create an RV that processes the value with an SF every time it is written.

yampaReactive' :: a -> SF a a -> IO (ReactiveFieldReadWrite IO a) Source #

Alternative (simpler) definition to yampaReactive

combineRVReadWrite :: (ReactiveValueRead r1 a m, ReactiveValueWrite r2 a m) => r1 -> r2 -> ReactiveFieldReadWrite m a Source #

To be moved to Data.ReactiveValue