kerry-0.1: Manage and abstract your packer configurations.

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File provisioner

data File Source #




  • fileSource :: FilePath

    The path to a local file or directory to upload to the machine. The path can be absolute or relative. If it is relative, it is relative to the working directory when Packer is executed. If this is a directory, the existence of a trailing slash is important. Read below on uploading directories.

  • fileDestination :: FilePath

    The path where the file will be uploaded to in the machine. This value must be a writable location and any parent directories must already exist. If the provisioning user (generally not root) cannot write to this directory, you will receive a "Permission Denied" error. If the source is a file, it's a good idea to make the destination a file as well, but if you set your destination as a directory, at least make sure that the destination ends in a trailing slash so that Packer knows to use the source's basename in the final upload path. Failure to do so may cause Packer to fail on file uploads. If the destination file already exists, it will be overwritten.

  • fileDirection :: FileDirection

    The direction of the file transfer. This defaults to "upload". If it is set to "download" then the file "source" in the machine will be downloaded locally to "destination"

  • fileGenerated :: Maybe Bool

    For advanced users only. If true, check the file existence only before uploading, rather than upon pre-build validation. This allows to upload files created on-the-fly. This defaults to false. We don't recommend using this feature, since it can cause Packer to become dependent on system state. We would prefer you generate your files before the Packer run, but realize that there are situations where this may be unavoidable.

Eq File Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Kerry.Provisioner.File


(==) :: File -> File -> Bool #

(/=) :: File -> File -> Bool #

Show File Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Kerry.Provisioner.File


showsPrec :: Int -> File -> ShowS #

show :: File -> String #

showList :: [File] -> ShowS #