knead-0.5: Repa-like array processing using LLVM JIT

Safe HaskellNone



Reduce selected dimensions. Alternatively you may reorder dimensions with backpermute and fold once along multiple dimensions.



data T sh0 sh1 a Source


Process (T sh0 sh1 a) 

type Cubic rank0 rank1 = T (Shape rank0) (Shape rank1)Source

apply :: (C array, C sh0, C sh1, C a) => T sh0 sh1 a -> array sh0 a -> array sh1 aSource

passAny :: Cubic rank rank aSource

pass :: (Natural rank0, Natural rank1, C a) => Cubic rank0 rank1 a -> Cubic (Succ rank0) (Succ rank1) aSource

fold :: (Natural rank0, Natural rank1, C a) => (Exp a -> Exp a -> Exp a) -> Cubic rank0 rank1 a -> Cubic (Succ rank0) rank1 aSource

($:.) :: (Process proc0, Process proc1) => proc0 -> (proc0 -> proc1) -> proc1Source

Use this for combining several dimension manipulators. E.g.

 apply (passAny $:. pick 3 $:. pass $:. replicate 10) array

The constraint (Process proc0, Process proc1) is a bit weak. We like to enforce that the type constructor like Slice.T is the same in proc0 and proc1, and only the parameters differ. Currently this coherence is achieved, because we only provide functions of type proc0 -> proc1 with this condition.