Changelog for krpc-

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2014-02-19 Sam Truzjan

API changes:

* Added isActive: this predicate can be used to implement
MonadActive instance and useful for resource
initialization/finalization sanity check.

2014-01-08 Sam Truzjan Logging + exceptions.

API changes:

* MonadLogger is superclass of MonadKRPC;
* KError hidden from Network.KRPC;
* HandlerFailure added;
* QueryFailure and getQueryCount added.

2013-12-25 Sam Truzjan Major API changes.

* Added transaction handling;
* Use the same socket for server and client;
* New query function will infer query method from request/response
* Added MonadKRPC and KRPC classes.

2013-11-26 Sam Truzjan

* Fixed build failure on GHC == 7.4.*

2013-10-17 Sam Truzjan

* Use bencoding-0.4.*

2013-10-03 Sam Truzjan

* Minor documentation fixes.

2013-10-03 Sam Truzjan

* IPv6 support.

2013-09-28 Sam Truzjan

* Use bencoding-0.3.*
    * Rename Remote.* to Network.* modules.

2013-09-28 Sam Truzjan

* Use bencoding-0.2.2.*

2013-08-27 Sam Truzjan

* Async API have been removed, use /async/ package
* Expose caller address in handlers.

2013-07-09 Sam Truzjan

* Allow passing raw argument\/result dictionaries.

2013-07-09 Sam Truzjan

* Initial version.