kubernetes-client- Client library for Kubernetes
Safe HaskellNone




defaultTLSClientParams :: IO ClientParams Source #

Default TLS settings using the system CA store.

disableServerCertValidation :: ClientParams -> ClientParams Source #

Insecure mode. The client will not validate the server cert at all.

disableServerNameValidation :: ClientParams -> ClientParams Source #

Don't check whether the cert presented by the server matches the name of the server you are connecting to. This is necessary if you specify the server host by its IP address.

disableValidateAuthMethods :: KubernetesClientConfig -> KubernetesClientConfig Source #

Disables the client-side auth methods validation. This is necessary if you are using client cert authentication.

loadPEMCerts :: (MonadIO m, MonadThrow m) => FilePath -> m [SignedCertificate] Source #

Loads certificates from a PEM-encoded file.

mkInClusterClientConfig :: (MonadIO m, MonadThrow m) => m (Manager, KubernetesClientConfig) Source #

Creates Manager and KubernetesClientConfig assuming it is being executed in a pod

mkKubeClientConfig :: OIDCCache -> KubeConfigSource -> IO (Manager, KubernetesClientConfig) Source #

Creates Manager and KubernetesClientConfig for a given KubeConfigSource. It is recommended that multiple kubeClient invocations across an application share an OIDCCache, this makes sure updation of OAuth token is synchronized across all the different clients being used.

newManager :: ClientParams -> IO Manager Source #

Creates a Manager that can handle TLS.

parsePEMCerts :: ByteString -> Either ParseCertException [SignedCertificate] Source #

Parses a PEM-encoded ByteString into a list of certificates.

setClientCert :: Credential -> ClientParams -> ClientParams Source #

Use a client cert for authentication.

setMasterURI Source #


:: Text

Master URI

-> KubernetesClientConfig 
-> KubernetesClientConfig 

Sets the master URI in the KubernetesClientConfig.

setTokenAuth Source #


:: Text

Authentication token

-> KubernetesClientConfig 
-> KubernetesClientConfig 

Configures the KubernetesClientConfig to use token authentication.