lambdacube-engine-0.2.2: 3D rendering engine written entirely in Haskell



data GpuProgram p => GpuProgramDescriptor p Source




gpdName :: String
gpdType :: GpuProgramType

The type of the program

gpdFilename :: String

The name of the file to load source from (may be blank)

gpdSyntaxCode :: String

Syntax code e.g. arbvp1, vs_2_0 etc

gpdAttach :: [String]
gpdSkeletalAnimation :: Bool

Does this (vertex) program include skeletal animation?

gpdMorphAnimation :: Bool

Does this (vertex) program include morph animation?

gpdPoseAnimation :: Int

Does this (vertex) program include pose animation (count of number of poses supported)

gpdVertexTextureFetch :: Bool

Does this (vertex) program require support for vertex texture fetch?

gpdNeedsAdjacencyInfo :: Bool

Does this (geometry) program require adjacency information?

gpdDefaultParams :: GpuProgramParameters

The default parameters for use with this object

gpdGpuProgram :: Maybe p